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My name is Peter Porker

Spider-Man Noir:
My name is Peter Parker.
Peni Parker:
My name is Peni Parker.
My name is Peter Porker.
Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker:
I was bitten by a radioactive spider.
I was bitten by a radioactive pig.
Spider-Man Noir:
In my universe, it's 1933, and I'm a private eye. I like to drink egg creams, and I like to fight Nazis. A lot.

PETER: All right, let's
do this one last time.
My name is Peter Parker.
I was bitten
by a radioactive spider.
And for 10 years...
I've been the one
and only
I'm pretty sure
you know the rest.
With great power comes
great responsibility.
I saved a bunch of people,
fell in love, saved the city.
And then
I saved the city again.
And again and again
and again.
And I did, uh...
I did this.
♪ Get on up
Get yourself together ♪
♪ Drive that funky soul ♪
We don't really talk
about this.
Look, I'm a comic book.
I'm a cereal.
Did a Christmas album.
I have an excellent theme song.
♪ Spider-man
Spider-man ♪
And a so-so popsicle.
I mean, I've looked worse.

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Movie: Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse
Year: 2018
Genres: animation, action, adventure, family, sci-fi
Summary: Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.


Spider-Man Noir - Nicolas Cage
Peni Parker - Kimiko Glenn
Spider-Ham - John Mulaney