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Would you mind taking this outside

Aunt May:
[as the Spider-People prepare to fight Kingpin's henchmen in May's living room]
Would you mind taking this outside?
Spider-Man Noir:
We don't pick the ballroom. We just dance.

Would you mind
taking this outside?
We don't pick the ballroom,
we just dance.
Ooh, I think
I'll be taking that.
Stand, niñito, dale.
Prepárate a morir.
Man, stupid pillows.

Clip duration: 22 seconds
Views: 53
Movie: Spider Man: Into the Spider Verse
Year: 2018
Genres: animation, action, adventure, family, sci-fi
Summary: Teen Miles Morales becomes Spider-Man of his reality, crossing his path with five counterparts from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.


Aunt May - Lily Tomlin
Spider-Man Noir - Nicolas Cage