You have a goober
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Ah, you have a goober. Give it. Wait, no. He called it an override key. There's always a...

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Peter B. Parker:
Ah, you have a goober. Give it.
Miles Morales:
[referring to the Peter Parker of his universe]
Wait, no. He called it an override key.
Peter B. Parker:
There's always a bypass key, a virus key, a who-cares key I can never remember so I just call it a goober.


00:00:01.391 --> 00:00:02.914
Aren't you gonna need this?
00:00:03.000 --> 00:00:04.664
Aw, you have a goober. Give it.
00:00:04.075 --> 00:00:08.289
W-W-Wait, no. Not so fast. He called it an override key.
00:00:08.375 --> 00:00:11.028
There's always a bypass key, a virus key, a who-cares key.
00:00:11.113 --> 00:00:13.431
I can never remember, so I always call it a goober. Give it.
00:00:13.516 --> 00:00:15.167
I need it to destroy the collider.
00:00:15.261 --> 00:00:16.576
I need it to go home.
00:00:16.662 --> 00:00:18.391
No. I'll swallow it. Don't play with me.
00:00:18.477 --> 00:00:20.375
What? Hey? I said
00:00:20.461 --> 00:00:22.578
The collider created a portal that brought me here.
00:00:22.664 --> 00:00:24.213
And I have to get
00:00:24.493 --> 00:00:28.546
Did you break this? No, it broke.
00:00:28.774 --> 00:00:30.991
I don't remember what happened.
00:00:30.109 --> 00:00:31.711
See, this is why I never had kids.
00:00:31.801 --> 00:00:33.283
Can't we make another one?
00:00:33.368 --> 00:00:35.453
We can't do anything. Thanks to you,
00:00:35.563 --> 00:00:38.289
I have to re-steal what your guy stole from Alchemax

Clip duration: 39 seconds
Views: 1263
Timestamp in movie: 00:42:57
Uploaded: 28 October, 2021
Genres: animation, action, adventure
Summary: Teen Miles Morales becomes the Spider-Man of his universe, and must join with five spider-powered individuals from other dimensions to stop a threat for all realities.


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Peter B. Parker - Jake Johnson
Miles Morales - Shameik Moore