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You're a bit late

You're a bit late. Can't all be everywhere at once. A little text might have been nice. I...

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You're a bit late.
Miguel O'Hara:
Can't all be everywhere at once.
A little text might have been nice.
Miguel O'Hara:
I was gone for less than two hours. What happened?
Okay, okay, okay. I know what it looks like, but... here's the good news.
Miguel O'Hara:
Oh, here we go.
The multiverse didn't collapse.
Miguel O'Hara:
Oh, cool!
A little touch and go. It worked out.
Miguel O'Hara:
Great story. Hey, did you finish the goober?
It's not a goober. It's a gizmo.
Miguel O'Hara:
You always have to call me out? It's just really frustrating and that bums me out.
Don't get too excited, Miguel. It's just a prototype.
Miguel O'Hara:
Not excited.
But you could be the first person to make an autonomous multiverse jump. Or the last.
Miguel O'Hara:
Okay, so we're just... gonna roll the dice on this?
So what do you say, pal? Where do you want to go first?
Miguel O'Hara:
Let's start at the beginning, one last time. Earth-67.
[Miguel jumps into Earth-67 and meets that universe's Spider-Man]

Miguel O'Hara:
Spider-Man (Earth-67):
What the- ?
Miguel O'Hara:
I'm Spider-Man. I need you to come with me.
Spider-Man (Earth-67):
[pointing at Miguel]
Who the heck are you?
Miguel O'Hara:
[pointing back]
I, I just told you. Now listen, listen. I'm from the future.
Spider-Man (Earth-67):
[pointing back]
How dare you point at me.
Miguel O'Hara:
[pointing back]
You, you were pointing first.
Spider-Man (Earth-67):
[pointing back]
It's rude to point.
Miguel O'Hara:
[pointing back]
You're being very rude! You're not even believing what I'm saying!
Police Officer (Earth-67):
Which one pointed first?
J. Jonah Jameson (Earth-67):
Spider-Man pointed first. Obviously!
Miguel O'Hara:
[as both Spider-Men continue to point at each other]
You're pointing at me right now! Look at you! Look what you did there! Look at your finger right now!
Spider-Man (Earth-67):
You're pointing. I've been pointing at your pointing. It's different than normal pointing.
Miguel O'Hara:
You are pointing...
Spider-Man (Earth-67):
You haven't seen pointing until I'm finished with you.
Miguel O'Hara:
You're accusing me of pointing while you're...


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.566
You're a bit late
00:00:02.568 --> 00:00:03.967
MAN We can't all be everywhere at once
00:00:03.969 --> 00:00:05.802
Little text might've been nice
00:00:05.804 --> 00:00:07.571
MAN I was gone for less than two hours What happened
00:00:07.573 --> 00:00:09.639
Okay I know what it looks like
00:00:09.641 --> 00:00:12.109
But here's the good news MAN Oh here we go
00:00:12.111 --> 00:00:14.044
The multiverse didn't collapse
00:00:14.999 --> 00:00:15.812
MAN Oh cool Little touch and go
00:00:15.814 --> 00:00:17.313
But it worked out
00:00:17.315 --> 00:00:18.749
MAN Great story Did you finish the goober
00:00:18.751 --> 00:00:20.182
It's not a goober It's a gizmo
00:00:20.184 --> 00:00:21.718
MAN Do you always have to call me out
00:00:21.072 --> 00:00:22.919
It's just really frustrating and bums me out
00:00:22.921 --> 00:00:24.254
WOMAN Don't get excited Miguel
00:00:24.256 --> 00:00:25.755
It's just a prototype MAN Not excited
00:00:25.757 --> 00:00:27.023
WOMAN But you could be the first person
00:00:27.999 --> 00:00:28.991
to make an autonomous multiverse jump
00:00:28.993 --> 00:00:30.294
Or the last
00:00:30.296 --> 00:00:32.129
So we're just gonna roll the dice on this
00:00:32.131 --> 00:00:34.998
So what you do you say pal Where you want to go first

Clip duration: 36 seconds
Views: 301
Timestamp in movie: 01h 55m 31s
Uploaded: 13 February, 2022
Genres: action, adventure, animation, science fiction
Summary: Miles Morales is juggling his life between being a high school student and being a spider-man. When Wilson "Kingpin" Fisk uses a super collider, others from across the Spider-Verse are transported to this dimension.


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