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"Spring Breakers" quotes

Spring Breakers poster
Four college girls hold up a restaurant in order to fund their spring break vacation. While partying, drinking, and taking drugs, they are arrested, only to be bailed out by a drug and arms dealer.

Year: 2012
MetaScore: N/A/100

18 Clips


Alien - James Franco
Faith - Selena Gomez
Archie - Gucci Mane
Forest - Ash Lendzion
Heather - Emma Holzer
History Professor - Lee Irby
Youth Pastor - Jeff Jarrett
Jock 1 - Josh Randall
Jock 2 - Travis Duncan
Judge - John McClain
Female Guard - Paige Anderson
Cheerleader Type - Rebecca Kauffman
Nerdy Boy - Tony Robinette
Spring Break Girl 1 - Megan Russell
Spring Break Girl 2 - Kathryn Trail
ATL Twin - Sidney Sewell
ATL Twin - Thurman Sewell
Caleb Carter - Christian Aaron
Archies Thug-club - Ken Anthony II
Spring Breaker - Brianna Borello
Youth Group Member - Karleigh Chase
Groomsman - Gordie Daniels
Youth Group Girl - Jessica DiTomaso
Spring Breaker - Reid Ferguson
Archie's Thug #1 - Tom Franco
Archie's Thug #2 - Mattox Gardner
Groomsman - Rod Grant
Bikini Girl - Courtney Hart
Surfer Dude - Anthony J. James
Groom - Dave Kramer
Snorting Jock - Shawn Larkin
Spring Break Guy - Andrew Mello
Tourist on Bus - Carlee Miller
Bikini Party Girl - Ananda Milsa
Spring Breaker - Kevin Pace
Jail Inmate - B.J. Parker
Bystander - Neil Parren
Party Guy - Harry Pearce
Spring Breaker - Reid Pittman
Party Guy - Dylan Ramus-Wright
Jock #3 - Jarrett Ricker
Spring Breaker on Bus - Erik Anthony Russo
Spring Breaker - Sean Scherer
Arcade Player - Dayton Sinkia
Spring Breaker - Jimmy Star
Tiffany - Cait Taylor
Spring Breaker - Lauren Vera
Motel Jock - Jason Wagner
Spring breaker - Benjamin Weaver
Courtroom Attendee - Debbie Whited
Beach Babe - Nicole Wilkins
Arcade Player Victim 1 - Nicole Paris Williams
Stoner - Alice Wright
Youth Group Member - Kim Wyatt