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Stealth quotes

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The explosion in the Alaska airfield sequence used 500 gallons of gasoline. It was so big NASA had to be notified in advance.GoofsThe bomb blows up a high-rise building in Yangon, Myanmar. It's actually in Thailand, on the west side of the highway leading from downtown Bangkok to the old airport at Don Muang. The cars on the nearby highway drive on the left. While Myanmar is former British colony, the country switched to driving on the right in 1970. Thailand drives on the left.Quotes

Director: Rob Cohen
Writer: W.D. Richter
Production: Phoenix Pictures, Columbia Pictures Corporation, Laura Ziskin Productions
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 35/100
ImdbRating: 5.1
BoxOffice: $32,116,746
Released: 29 Jul 2005
Awards: 2 nominations

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Lt. Ben Gannon - Josh Lucas
Lt. Kara Wade - Jessica Biel
Lt. Henry Purcell - Jamie Foxx
Capt. George Cummings - Sam Shepard
Dr. Keith Orbit - Richard Roxburgh
Capt. Dick Marshfield - Joe Morton
Lt. Aaron Shaftsbury - Ian Bliss
Naval Controller - Michael Denkha
Master at Arms - Rocky Helton
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor - Clayton Adams
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor - Maurice Morgan
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor - Woody Naismith
USS Abraham Lincoln Sailor - Charles Ndibe
Executive Officer - Nicholas Hammond
Commander 3rd Fleet - Michael McCabe
Black Ops Leader - Joel Tobeck
Black Ops Doctor - John Waters
Korean Girl - Sara Saliba
Rangoon Terrorist - Jim Diamond
Rangoon Terrorist - Jaffar Hussain
Rangoon Terrorist - Gary Quay
Colonel Yune - Jason Lee
EDI Technician - Rowan Schlosberg
EDI Technician - Jason Chan
EDI Technician - Mathew Wilkinson
EDI Technician - Johann Walraven
Naval Controller - Randall Mettam
Naval Controller - Lucia Mastrantone
Naval Controller - Dorian Nkono
Naval Controller - Miles Paras
Naval Controller - Harli Ames
Naval Controller - Adriano Capelletta
Naval Controller - Blazey Best
Naval Controller - Paul Pantano
Ben's Date - Alexandra Davies
Russian Pilot - Ilya Melnikoff
Russian Pilot - Nikolai Nikolaeff
Russian Pilot - Warwick Young
Russian Pilot - Paul Donazzan
Sky News Reporter - Vanessa Trezise
Barricade Officer - Matthew Jorgensen
Aviation Plane Captain - Colby Sanders
Ships Safety Officer - Diego Corral
Henry's Thai Girlfriend - Jaypetch Toonchalong
Aircraft Carrier Chaplain - Robert L. Keane
Dr. Orbit's Secretary - Megan Gale
North Korean Soldier - Josiah D. Lee
Thai operative - Eddie Vee
Watchtower Guard - Peni Loloa
Insurgent Himself - Alex Lorre
Russian Boy - Harrison Norris
U.S. Marine - Chris Olver