Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs poster
His passion and ingenuity have been the driving force behind the digital age. However his drive to revolutionize technology was sacrificial. Ultimately it affected his family life and possibly his health. In this revealing film we explore the trials and triumphs of a modern day genius, the late CEO of Apple inc. Steven Paul Jobs.

Director: Danny Boyle
Writer: Aaron Sorkin (screenplay), Walter Isaacson (book)
Production: Universal Pictures
Year: 2015
MetaScore: 82/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: $12,403,169
Released: 23 Oct 2015
Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 28 wins & 109 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Steve Jobs - Michael Fassbender
Joanna Hoffman - Kate Winslet
Steve Wozniak - Seth Rogen
John Sculley - Jeff Daniels
Andy Hertzfeld - Michael Stuhlbarg
Chrisann Brennan - Katherine Waterston
Lisa Brennan (19) - Perla Haney-Jardine
Lisa Brennan (9) - Ripley Sobo
Lisa Brennan (5) - Makenzie Moss
Andrea Cunningham - Sarah Snook
Joel Pforzheimer - John Ortiz
Avie Tevanian - Adam Shapiro
Mike Markkula - John Steen
George Coates - Stan Roth
Jandali (as Mihran Shlougian) - Mihran Slougian
Engineer with Diskette - Robert Anthony Peters
Airline Concierge - Noreen Lee
Stage Manager (NeXT) - Gail Fenton
Stage Manager (NeXT) - Karen Kahn
Stage Manager (NeXT) - Rachel Caproni
Woman on P.A. (NeXT) - Lily Tung Crystal
Woman on P.A. (iMac) - Damara Reilly
Woman on P.A. (iMac) - Marika Casteel
Straggler - Chris Tomasso
Andrea's Assistant - Lora Oliver
Violinist - Colm O'Riain
News Anchor - Anita Bennett
News Anchor - Greg Mills
News Anchor - Melissa Etezadi
News Anchor - Rick Chambers
News Anchor - Sara Welch
News Anchor - Emmett Miller
News Anchor - Marc Istook
News Anchor - Carlo Cecchetto
News Anchor - Kristina Guerrero
News Anchor - Bill Seward
News Anchor - Mark Mester
News Anchor - Derrin Horton
1988 Opera House Patron - $hutter
Cameraman - Derek W. Adam
Man with Folder - Alister Albert
Steve's Stage Manager - Elynn Alonzo
Launch Attendee - Steven Alvarez
Generation X Engineer 1998 - Moises Amaya
Jordan IMAC Marketing Team - AnnaCorey
VIP Shareholder - Alice Aoki
Apple Board Member - Andy Arness
Launch Attendee - Stefonia Bavin
Launch Attendee - Kaylee Bays
Launch Attendee - Timothy Beagley
Alicia Johnson / Marketing Team - Brianne Bogart
Steve Stage hand technician - Johnnie Boyd
P. Freeze - Alec Boyle
1998 Launch Attendee - Dianne Brennan
Flint Sound Engineer - Alex Bretow
Marketing Team - Patrick D Bridges
Don Denman - Tim Brown
Launch Attendee - John Edward Cabrera
Apple Employee - Bryan Casserly
Cameraman - Brian Castellanos
Ralph, the Janitor - Cabran E. Chamberlain
Chinatown Resident - Justin Chao
1984 Launch attendee - Javier Chavarin
Launch Attendee - Jared Michael Choate
VIP Investor - Adam Chollet
Press Photographer - Alan Chu
Launch Attendee - Justin Chung
Launch Attendee - Cameron Cloutier
Gen Xer - Tim Colopy
Bill Atkinson - Grant Corvin
Launch Attendee - James Cotner
Cameraman - Nestor Cuellas
Cameraman Joseph - Steve D'Assis
Apple Employee - Alysson Da Silva
Apple Employee - Daniel da Silva
VIP Launch Attendee - Thomas Dalby
NeXT Employee - Devin Diazoni
Head NeXT Engineer - Robert S. Dixon
Launch Attendee - Carlos Narvaez Duran
Custodian - Janet Dyer
Self (archive footage) - Bob Dylan
1998 Launch Attendee - Daniel Ekeroth
Field Reporter - Sheila Ellis
Field Reporter - Nathan Emley
Cable Car Patron - Patrick Engler
Launch Attendee - Aldrin Enriquez
1988 Launch Attendee - Matthew Jay Evans
VIP Shareholder - J. Miles Feldman
Apple Employee - James Ferrandini
Apple Employee - Luis Fierros
Tech Reporter - Dann Fink
1984 Apple Engineer - Tom Frikker
1998 Launch Attendee - Kenley Gaffke
Pat Mcardle - Hayley Gagner
Launch Attendee - Justino Garza
VIP Shareholder - Douglas Gawoski
Product Engineer - Maxwell Ghobadi
VIP Investor - Jimmy Giliberti
Extra - Ian Gooch
Event Security - Rob Gore
Patti Kenyon - Emily Marie Grant
Katie Kallick - Ramsey Hanchette
1998 Launch Attendee - Jake Hanson
Stockholder - McKenna Hardy
VIP Launch Attendee - Tom Hart
Stage Hand - Diogo Hausen
Businesswoman - Linda Joy Henry
Conference Attendee - Bobby Hollingsworth
Press Photographer - Holly Horn
Launch Attendee - Joe Hughes
Launch Attendee - Nicole Huynh
Launch Attendee - Jahmilla Jackson
VIP Launch Attendee - Carol Jefferson
1984 Apple employee - Bobby Johnsen
Investor 1988 Launch - Keenan Johnston
1998 Launch Attendee - Stephanie Johnston
Launch Attendee - Alexander Kanellakos
Indian Caterer - Rajiv Khilnani
Hong Kong Businessman - Larry Kitagawa
Steve's Stage Manager - Elena Kobylina
1988 Launch Attendee - Nick Kretz
VIP Shareholder - Kevin Kunze
Steve Capps - Anthony Larice
Field Reporter - Rick Lasquete
VIP Investor - Mark Lavell
Self (archive footage) - John Lennon
Launch Attendee - Christopher Leong
Stagehand - Nathan Levine
Launch Attendee - Mathew Lipisko
Stock Holder Member - John Lobato
Avi's NeXT Team Engineer - Adam Long
1998 Launch Attendee - Luis E. Lopez
Business Woman - Shannon Lujan
Apple Security Symphony Hall - Ausaf Masud
1998 Launch Attendee - Gina Mathios
Apple Employee - Polina Matveeva
Extra - Baran Mavi
Launch Attendee - Sean Michael McGrory
Launch Attendee - Cooper McKay
Press Photographer - Corinne Meadors
NeXT Product Engineer - Adam Meredith
Tech Kevin - Landon Merrell
1988 Launch Attendee - Heidi Michaelis
Extra / Theatre Scene - Jose R. Montalvan Jr.
VIP Investor - Arnold Montey
Robert Houghton - Cory Montgomery
98 Engineer - Mahal Montoya
1998 Engineer - Marc Moon
Lead Stage Hand - Jake Morgan
TV News Reporter - Monterey Morrissey
1998 Product Engineer - Ed Moy
1984 Product Engineer - Jesse Muick
Apple Employee - Alisha Mullally
Cafe Patron - Todd Myers
VIP Launch Attendee - Vaughn Myovich
Launch Attendee - Joel Myrick
VIP Investor - Darlene Nesson
Board Member - Steven Jon Nichols
Wealthy Investor - Debra Norton-Miller
1998 Launch Attendee - Jason Novak
Backstage Hand - Brendan O'Donovan
VIP Member - Tom O'Reilly
MacIntosh Launch VIP - Peter K. Owen
Straggler - Lana Palmer
Launch Attendee - Puja Patel
Marketing Team Member - Jekyns Pelaez
Launch Attendee - Brook Edward Penca
Apple Gen-Xer - Alex Phillip
Self (archive footage) - Pablo Picasso
Apple Employee - John Paul Pollio
Event Security - Steve C. Porter
1998 Launch Attendee - Apeksha Pradhan
Lynn Levine - Speir Rahn
Cafe Patron - Jeff Rankin
Channel 4 Interviewee VIP - Shannon Rebekah
News Interviewee VIP - Rick Richardson
Launch Attendee - Sandra Dee Richardson
Elizabeth Ramos - Vanessa Ross
Launch Attendee - Cindy Sacramento-Enriquez
Brian Howard - Product Engineer - Brian Sampson
Flint Stage Manager - Elise Scarlott
Product Engineer - Molly Shaiken
Chinatown Resident - Mark Sho
Product Engineer - George Siambis
Stagehand Technician - Chad Sibilia
Larry Kenyon - Mike Siemsen
1998 VIP Launch Attendee - Cynthia Naylor Smyth
Arthur Rock - Anthony Snow
Core Marketing Team - Laurel Steir
VIP Shareholder - Michael T Stewart
Press Photographer - Thomas W. Stewart
VIP Investor - Demond Stone
Event Security - Mike Stowe
Rony Sebok - Cristina Swift
Lisa's Friend - Callan Taylor
Product Engineer - Anastassia Tchibissova
Journalist, NeXT Launch - Fel Tengonciang
Marketing Team 1998 - Shruti Tewari
Matt McKulsky Apple Security 1998 Launch - Tony Toste
Self (archive footage) - Alan Turing
VIP Member - Sam Vegas
Apple Employee - Ken Venzke
Porsche Driver - Etienne Vick
Investor - Erick Vinther
Project Engineer - Jeff Walker
Security Guard Gillis - Phillip E. Walker
Launch Attendee - Harris Warren
Lunch Attendee - Clarence Watson III
Event Security - James D. Weston II
Bruce Horn - Tyson Wheeler
Journalist - Mike Whitaker
Bill Martin - Steven Wiig
Apple Marketing Executive - Lia Wilbourn
Launch Attendee - Maximilian Winnberg
Product Engineer - Allan Wong
Larry Tesler - Scotty Wood
Journalist - Jerry Wu
Burrell Smith - Bobby Ysip
Attendee in Audience - Travis S. Zeiler
Audience Member - Alex Zelenka