Anne Morton: How did you get him to do it? Guy Haines: I... get him to do it? Anne Morton: Bruno Anthony. He killed Miriam, didn't he? [Guy stares at Anne, hesitating to answer] Anne Morton: Tell me
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How did you get him to do it? I... get him to do it? Bruno...

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Anne Morton:
How did you get him to do it?
Guy Haines:
I... get him to do it?
Anne Morton:
Bruno Anthony. He killed Miriam, didn't he?
[Guy stares at Anne, hesitating to answer]

Anne Morton:
Tell me the truth. Didn't he?
Guy Haines:
Yes. He's a maniac. I met him a few weeks ago on the train going to Metcalf. Over some small talk and drinks, he came up with some crazy scheme about exchanging murders. I'd do his murder; he'd do mine.
Anne Morton:
What do you mean "your murder" Guy?
Guy Haines:
Bruno read about me in the newspapers. He knew all about me and Miriam... and about you. He suggested that if he got rid of Miriam for me, I should kill his father.
Anne Morton:
But you must have known he was only talking nonsense.
Guy Haines:
But he wasn't! He really wasn't joking about swapping murders! Of course I didn't give it another thought. And now a lunatic wants me to kill his father.
Anne Morton:
It's too fantastic.
Guy Haines:
Yes, isn't it?
Anne Morton:
You mean, you've known about Miriam all this time?
Guy Haines:
Since the first night. He gave me her glasses and told me what he did.
Anne Morton:
Why didn't you call the police? Why didn't you turn Bruno in right away?
Guy Haines:
And have them say to me what you just said? "Mr. Haines, how did you get him to do it? Confess, Mr. Haines! How did you get Bruno Anthony to murder your wife?" Bruno would have told them that we planned it together.

- Made the semifinals, didn't you?
- Yeah.
Oh, I certainly admire people
who do things.
By the way, my name is Bruno.
Bruno Anthony. See?
It's corny,
but my mother gave it to me... I wear it to please her.
- How do you do?
I don't talk much.
You go ahead and read.
You know, it must be pretty exciting
to be so important.
- Tennis player isn't so important.
- But people who do things are.
Me, I never do anything. I suppose you're
going to Southampton for the doubles.
You are a tennis fan.
Gee, I wish I could go watch you,
but I've gotta get back to Washington.
I'm from Arlington, you know.
- Cigarette?
- No, thanks. I don't smoke much.
Me, I smoke too much.
Oh, here.
Oh, thanks.
"From A to G."
I'll bet I can guess who "A" is.
- Yeah?
- Anne Morton.
You see, sometimes I turn the sports
page, and I see the society section.
And the pictures.
She's very beautiful.
Senator Morton's daughter, huh?
You're quite a reader, Mr. Anthony.
Yes, I am. Ask me anything.
I got the answer.
Even about people I don't know.
Like who would like to marry whom...
...when his wife gets her divorce.
- Perhaps you read too much.
Oh, there I go again. Too friendly.
It always happens.
I meet somebody who I like and admire,
and I open my mouth too much.
That's all right, forget it.
I guess I'm a little jittery.
Oh, there's a new cure for that.
- Waiter.
- Yes, sir.
Scotch and plain water, please.
A pair. Doubles.
- The only kind of doubles I play.
- You'll have to drink both.
And I can do it.
When's the wedding?
- What?
- The wedding. You and Anne Morton.
It was in the papers.
It shouldn't have been. Unless they
legalized bigamy overnight.
Oh, I've got a wonderful theory
about that.
Someday I'll tell you about it.
But right now, I suppose divorce is,
well, the simplest operation.
It's wonderful having you
as company all the way to New York.
I'm not going direct.
I'm stopping off at Metcalf.
Metcalf? Who would want
to stop off at Metcalf?
Well, it's my hometown.
Oh, I get it. A little chat
with your wife about the divorce.
Close enough.
Thanks. I think I will.
Well, here's luck.
Drink up, and we'll have lunch sent
to my compartment.
Thanks, but I'll go to the dining car.
Oh, waiter.
- Are there any seats in the diner?
- Not for about 20 minutes, sir.
You'll have to lunch with me.
Well...'s to the next Mrs. Haines.
Sure, I went to college.
Got kicked out of three of them.
Drinking and gambling.
Not like you, huh?
All right, so I'm a bum.
Who said you were?
My father.
He hates me.
With all his money, he thinks I ought
to catch the 8:05 bus every morning...

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Genres: crime, film-noir, thriller
Summary: A psychopath forces a tennis star to comply with his theory that two strangers can get away with murder.


Anne Morton - Ruth Roman
Guy Haines - Farley Granger