"Street Trash" quotes

Street Trash poster
A liquor store owner sells alcoholic beverages to homeless people, unaware of what the bottles actually contain: toxic brew.

Director: J. Michael Muro
Writer: Roy Frumkes, J. Michael Muro
Production: N/A
Genre: comedy, horror
Year: 1987
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 18 Sep 1987
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

27 Clips


Bill The Cop - Bill Chepil
Bronson - Vic Noto
Wendy - Jane Arakawa
Winette - Nicole Potter
Frank Schnizer - Pat Ryan
Drunken Wench - Miriam Zucker
Doorman - James Lorinz
Black Suit - Morty Storm
Jimmy The Cop - Sam Blasco
Paulie - Bruce Torbet
Forensics Expert - Roman Zack
Hitman - Gary Auerbach
Melted Businessman - Roy Frumkes
Bitchy Businesswoman - Jeanne Laporta
Concerned Businessman - Colin De Rouin
Husband In Car - Julian Davis
Wife In Car - Victoria Alexander
Exploding Derelict - Eddie Bay
Dismembered Derelict - Frank M. Farel
Old Lady Shopper - Joni Ruth White
Store Manager - Kevin Simmons
Delancey - Allan Lozito
Discount - Bill Bondanza
Yellowman - Fred Schomaker
Desk Sergeant - Karl Schröder
Wheelchair Derelict - Stephen Joseph Santiago
Receptive Whore in Van - Julie McQuain
Whore on Telephone - Carmel Pugh
Whore in Van - Marilyn Kray
Whore in Van - Kristin Keating
Whore in Van - Nora Maher
Whore in Van - Gina Menza
Whore in Van - Nadine Garcia
Whore in Van - Craig Edwards
Whore in Van - Robert Jonathan
Punk Street Gang Leader - Chris McNamee
Street Gang Member - Leslie Pascal
Street Gang Member - Nick Gionta
Street Gang Member - Dave Weinstein
Street Gang Member - Ramón Ybarra
Chef at Restaurant - Robert DiPietro
Workman at Wrecking Yard - Frank Dassaro
Workman at Wrecking Yard - Joseph Vero
Workman at Wrecking Yard - Raymond Ristau
Workman at Wrecking Yard - Raul Velez
Workman at Wrecking Yard - Thomas Fuzia
Smoking Derelict - Gary Rozanski
Last Stage of Ed's Melt - Bobby Faust
Vietcong Vampire - John Hukushi
Vietcong Vampire - Sylvia Wong
Vietcong Vampire - Judy Chin
Vietcong Vampire - Kevin Chin
Windshield-Washing Bum - William Elijah Tyre
Windshield-Washing Bum - David Paul Rubenstein
Sundry Junkyard Bum - Nathaniel Young
Sundry Junkyard Bum - Paul Sansone
Sundry Junkyard Bum - Michael Maurer
Cop at Police Station - James D. Clements
Cop at Police Station - Terrence Devlin
Cop at Police Station - Eliezer Diaz
Cop at Police Station - Lawrence Sufrin
Cop at Police Station - Robert Audin
Cop driving Van - Robert Jockers
Man exiting Restaurant - Alan Brustein
Woman exiting Restaurant - Gail Feinsod
Woman Shopper with Dog - Charlene Krista
Driver of Damaged Car - Buddy Mantia
American Soldier - Vince Anderson
American Soldier - Bernard Lunnon
American Soldier - Curtis Gaither
American Soldier - Sky Owens
American Soldier - Halfbreed Billy Gram
American Soldier - Christopher Perry
Nick Duran - Tony Darrow
Obnoxious Kid - Ian Bernardo