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Here you go boys Dinner's served
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Here you go, boys! Dinner's served! Alright, Smokey! Way to go! Oh dear! Look, it's mouse...

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[pushes the branch Stuart's on down]
Here you go, boys! Dinner's served!
Monty, the Mouth:
Alright, Smokey! Way to go!
Stuart Little:
Oh dear!
Look, it's mouse on a stick! I love mouse on a stick!
Monty, the Mouth:
A little further! Keep him comin'! Keep him comin'! Alright I can almost reach him! Keep him coming! I got him, he's mine!
[Snowbell snaps the branch]

Monty, the Mouth:
What the? Hey, the branch is the gonna!
Well, what have we got here?
Monty, the Mouth:
Snow, don't come out here, the branch is breaking!
Stuart, are you alright?
Stuart Little:
Yeah, yeah I'm okay.
Just hang on, I'll take it from here!
Monty, the Mouth:
Huh? Take what?
[Snowbell pushes the branch Monty's on with Red and Lucky on further]

Monty, the Mouth:
Hey, c'mon Snow! You wouldn't do this to me? I'm not your old buddy?
Don't worry, buddy! I'm sure you'll land
[he pushes the branch further]

Monty, the Mouth:
No, no Snow! What're you doing?
On your feet!
[the branch snaps sending Red, Lucky and Monty into the water, all three cats screaming and splash in the water]


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.335
Here you go boys Dinner's served
00:00:03.502 --> 00:00:05.128
All right Smokey Way to go
00:00:05.296 --> 00:00:06.063
Oh dear
00:00:06.797 --> 00:00:09.382
Look it's mouse on a stick I love mouse on a stick
00:00:09.926 --> 00:00:14.471
A little further Keep him coming Keep him coming
00:00:14.639 --> 00:00:17.557
All right I can almost reach him Keep it coming
00:00:17.725 --> 00:00:19.184
I got him He's mine
00:00:23.998 --> 00:00:24.231
Hey What the
00:00:24.398 --> 00:00:26.149
The branch is gonna
00:00:26.609 --> 00:00:28.526
Well what have we got here
00:00:28.694 --> 00:00:30.987
Snow don't come out here The branch is breaking
00:00:31.656 --> 00:00:35.659
Stuart are you all right Yeah Yeah l'm okay
00:00:35.826 --> 00:00:37.702
Hang on I'll take it from here
00:00:38.412 --> 00:00:39.496
Take what
00:00:42.333 --> 00:00:45.752
Hey come on Snow You wouldn't do this to me
00:00:47.171 --> 00:00:48.672
Not your old buddy
00:00:48.839 --> 00:00:53.593
Don't worry buddy I'm sure you'll land
00:00:53.761 --> 00:00:55.887
on your Snow what are you doing

Clip duration: 57 seconds
Views: 172
Timestamp in movie: 01h 14m 22s
Uploaded: 03 December, 2022
Genres: adventure, comedy, family
Summary: The Little family adopt a charming young mouse named Stuart, but the family cat wants rid of him.


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