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You seem tense Tense Oh I'm way past tense
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Read my furry pink lips. "No!"

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Stuart Little: You seem tense!\nSnowbell: Tense? Oh, I'm - I'm way, way past tense\nStuart Little: Well, maybe I could help. Can I scratch your ears? I could rub your tummy.\nSnowbell: How'd you like to rub it from the INSIDE, mouse-boy?\nStuart Little: I'm a little confused. I thought that's what you did with a pet.\nSnowbell: A Pet? I am not your pet! I'm a cat, you're a mouse. You should be livin' in a hole. This is my family.\nStuart Little: Can we share them?\nSnowbell: Read my furry pink lips. "No!"


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:05.253
You seem tense Tense Oh I'm way past tense
00:00:05.421 --> 00:00:07.714
Well maybe l can help
00:00:07.882 --> 00:00:10.758
What do you like Can I scratch your ears
00:00:11.385 --> 00:00:12.802
I could rub your tummy
00:00:12.097 --> 00:00:15.722
How'd you like to rub it from the inside mouse boy
00:00:16.001 --> 00:00:19.225
Sorry I'm a little confused I thought that's what you do with a pet
00:00:19.393 --> 00:00:21.478
A pet I am not your pet
00:00:21.645 --> 00:00:24.481
I'm a cat You're a mouse You should be living in a hole
00:00:24.648 --> 00:00:26.399
This is my family
00:00:27.109 --> 00:00:28.234
Can't we share them
00:00:28.402 --> 00:00:32.155
Read my furry pink lips No

Season: 1
Episode: 0
Clip duration: 33 seconds
Views: 57
Timestamp in movie: 00h 09m 47s
Uploaded: 06 November, 2023
Genres: adventure, comedy, family
Summary: The Little family adopt a charming young mouse named Stuart, but the family cat wants rid of him.


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