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Lancelot is King Arthur's most valued Knight of the Round Table and a paragon of courage and virtue. Things change, however, when he falls in love with Queen Guinevere.

Director: Cornel Wilde
Writer: Richard Schayer, Cornel Wilde
Production: N/A
Year: 1963
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 05 Jun 1963
Awards: N/A

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Sir Lancelot - Cornel Wilde
Guinevere - Jean Wallace
King Arthur - Brian Aherne
Sir Gawaine - George Baker
Sir Lamorak - Archie Duncan
Lady Vivian - Adrienne Corri
Sir Modred - Michael Meacham
Sir Tors - Iain Gregory
Merlin - Mark Dignam
Sir Dagonet - Reginald Beckwith
Sir Bedivere - John Barrie
Sir Gareth - Richard Thorp
Sir Kaye - Joseph Tomelty
Edrick - Geoffrey Dunn
Sir Cedric - Walter Gotell
Brandagorous - Peter Prowse
Sir Dorjak - Bob Bryan
French Serving Maid - Violetta Farjeon
King Leodogran - John Longden
Viking - Gerry Wain