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Swordfish quotes

Swordfish poster
When the DEA shut down its dummy corporation operation codenamed SWORDFISH in 1986, they had generated $400 million which they let sit around; fifteen years of compound interest has swelled it to $9.5 billion. A covert counter-terrorist unit called Black Cell, headed by the duplicitious and suave Gabriel Shear, wants the money to help finance their raise-the-stakes vengeance war against international terrorism, but it's all locked away behind super-encryption. He brings in convicted hacker Stanley Jobson, who only wants to see his daughter Holly again but can't afford the legal fees, to slice into the government mainframes and get the money.

Director: Dominic Sena
Writer: Skip Woods
Production: Jonathan Krane Group, Warner Brothers, Silver Pictures, Village Roadshow Prod.
Year: 2001
MetaScore: 32/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: $69,772,969
Released: 08 Jun 2001
Awards: 5 wins & 10 nominations.

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Gabriel - John Travolta
Stanley - Hugh Jackman
Ginger - Halle Berry
Roberts - Don Cheadle
Senator Reisman - Sam Shepard
Marco - Vinnie Jones
Melissa - Drea de Matteo
Axl Torvalds - Rudolf Martin
A.D. Joy - Zach Grenier
Torres - Angelo Pagán
SWAT Leader - Chic Daniel
Agent - Tim DeKay
Helga - Laura Lane
Ad Agency Executive - Tait Ruppert
Coroner - Craig Braun
Gabriel's Crew - William Mapother
Gabriel's Crew - Ilia Volok
Gabriel's Crew - Jonathan Fraser
Gabriel's Crew - Shawn Woods
Gabriel's Crew - Leo Lee
Hostage - Marina Black
Hostage - Kerry Kletter
Hostage - Ryan Wulff
Hostage - Ann Travolta
Hostage - Dana Hee
Hostage - Denney Pierce
Hostage - Jeff Ramsey
Hostage - Joey Box
Hostage - Debbie Evans
Hostage - Sam Travolta
Hostage - Tim Storms
Club Kid - Jonathan Pessin
FBI Geek - Scott Burkholder
FBI Geek - Mark Soper
Customs Agent - Craig Lally
Customs Agent - Rusty McClennon
Customs Agent - Mark Riccardi
Helga's Friend - Debbie Entin
Helga's Friend - Natalia Sokolova
Helga's Friend - Anika Poitier
Dark Suit - Nick Loren
Policeman - Tom Morris
Policeman - Michael Arias
Holly's Teacher - Brenda Eimers
Agent Thomas - Timothy Omundson
Bank Executive - Astrid Veillon
Security Guard - Dean Rader-Duval
Child in airport - Shane Brock
Bystander - George A. Chase
Hostage - Corinne Chooey
School Guard - Russ Cootey
Bar Fighter - Mark Donnell
Senator Reisman's Assistant - Tate Donovan
Little Girl - Sierra Farber
Officer - Andrew Lakey
Nightclub Character - Alex Morissen
Nightclub Goer - Cory Parella
Precision Driver - Gary Rodriguez
School Child - Travis Rosario
Advertising Executive - George Marshall Ruge
Los Angeles Times Reporter - Kevin F. Sherry
Valet - Terry Wayne
Airport Security - Don Yesso