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Tales of Manhattan quotes

Tales of Manhattan poster
A formal tailcoat that gets passed from one owner to another affects each life in a significant way.

Director: Julien Duvivier
Writer: Ben Hecht, Ferenc Molnár, Donald Ogden Stewart
Production: N/A
Year: 1942
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 15 Mar 1943
Awards: 1 win

36 Clips & Quotes


Paul Orman - Charles Boyer
Ethel Halloway - Rita Hayworth
George - Henry Fonda
Charles Smith - Charles Laughton
Avery L. 'Larry' Browne - Edward G. Robinson
Esther - Ethel Waters
Reverend Lazarus - Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson
John Halloway - Thomas Mitchell
Harry Wilson - Cesar Romero
Ellen - Gail Patrick
Edgar - Roland Young
'Squirrel' - Marion Martin
Elsa (Mrs Charles) Smith - Elsa Lanchester
Arturo Bellini - Victor Francen
Williams - George Sanders
Professor Lyons - Harry Davenport
Burglar - J. Carrol Naish
Offscreen Singers (Robeson sequence) - Hall Johnson Choir
Secondhand Clothes Dealer (Rogers sequence) - Frank Orth
Cello Player (Laughton sequence) - Christian Rub
Piccolo Player (Laughton sequence) - Sig Arno
H.R. 'Hank' Bronson (Robinson sequence) - James Rennie
'Soupy' Davis (Robinson sequence) - Harry Hayden
Judge Tom Barnes (Robinson sequence) - Morris Ankrum
'Hen 'Henderson (Robinson sequence) - Donald Douglas
Molly (Robinson sequence) - Mae Marsh
Grandpa (Robeson sequence) - Clarence Muse
Christopher (Robeson sequence) - George Reed
Little Nicodemus (Robeson sequence) - Cordell Hickman
'Spud' Johnson (Robinson sequence) - Paul Renay
Mary (Robinson sequence) - Barbara Lynn
Elsa's Old Mother (Laughton sequence) - Adeline De Walt Reynolds
Actress (Boyer sequence) - Helene Reynolds
Concertgoer - John Alban
Susan (Laughton sequence) - Rene Austin
Shantytown Woman (Robeson sequence) - Olive Ball
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Monica Bannister
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Bonnie Bannon
Whistler - Don Beddoe
Little Man (Fields sequence) - Jerry Bergen
Wally, the Postman (Robinson sequence) - Joseph E. Bernard
Party Guest - Edward Biby
Man at City Mission (Robinson sequence) - Ted Billings
Concertgoer - William A. Boardway
Call Boy (Laughton sequence) - Buster Brodie
Whistler at Mission (Robinson sequence) - Don Brodie
Mr. Martelli (Boyer sequence) - Jack Chefe
Young woman in Embrace (Robeson sequence) - Rita Christiani
Mr. Langehanke (Fields sequence) - Chester Clute
Spectator at Concert (Laughton sequence) - Gino Corrado
Concertgoer - Oliver Cross
Elderly Man (Laughton sequence) - Frank Dae
2nd Salesman at Santelli's (Fields sequence) - Marcel Dalio
Elsa's Old Father (Laughton sequence) - Frank Darien
Man at Reunion (Robinson sequence) - Sayre Dearing
Concertgoer - Hazel Dohlman
Woman (Robeson sequence) - Maggie Dorsey
Mme. Langehanke (Fields sequence) - Margaret Dumont
Party Guest (Fields sequence) - Dot Farley
Professor Pufflewhistle (Fields sequence) - W.C. Fields
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Bess Flowers
Shantytown Woman (Robeson sequence) - Alberta Gary
Man at City Mission - Slim Gaut
Concertgoer - Herschel Graham
Rod (Robeson sequence) - Charles H. Gray
Lazar the Tailor (Boyer sequence) - Robert Greig
Shantytown Man (Robeson sequence) - Jester Hairston
Reunion Guest - Stuart Hall
Oliver Webb (Boyer sequence) - William Halligan
Party Guest (Fields sequence) - Rondo Hatton
Man at City Mission - Joe Hinds
Woman Bumming Cigarette from Joe (Robinson sequence) - Esther Howard
Jeff (Robeson sequence) - Philip Hurlic
Victim of Drink (Fields sequence) - William Irving
Oboist (Laughton sequence) - Frank Jaquet
Concertgoer - Jack W. Johnston
Burglar (Robeson sequence) - John Kelly
Gambling House Patron - Kenner G. Kemp
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Colin Kenny
Bus Passenger - Mike Lally
Woman (Robeson sequence) - Ella Mae Lashley
Shantytown Carpenter (Robeson sequence) - Johnny Lee
Mary (Rogers sequence) - Connie Leon
Concertgoer - Max Linder
Bartender - Pat McKee
Concertgoer - Charles Meakin
Man at Reunion (Robinson sequence) - Harold Miller
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Bert Moorhouse
Dignified Man (Laughton sequence) - Forbes Murray
Brad (Robeson sequence) - Lonnie Nichols
Jessup - Langehanke's Butler (Fields sequence) - Edgar Norton
Concert Latecomer (Laughton sequence) - Tom O'Grady
Doorman at Gambling Casino - Manuel París
Concertgoer - Paul Power
Concertgoer - Catherine Price
Concertgoer - Fred Rapport
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Suzanne Ridgway
Assistant Tailor (Boyer sequence) - Cyril Ring
Charles Smith's Bullying Boss (Laughton sequence) - Dewey Robinson
Party Guest - Loretta Russell
Shantytown Man (Robeson sequence) - Archie Savage
1st Salesman at Santelli's (Fields sequence) - Phil Silvers
Henderson's Chauffeur (Robinson sequence) - Ted Stanhope
Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Count Stefenelli
Assistant Tailor (Boyer sequence) - Bert Stevens
Pilot (Robeson sequence) - Charles Tannen
Bird Man (Laughton sequence) - Curly Twiford
Party Guest (Fields sequence) - Ellinor Vanderveer
Woman (Robeson sequence) - Laura Vaughn
Party Guest (Fields sequence) - Dorothy Vernon
Shantytown Man (Robeson sequence) - Blue Washington
Orman's Bespectacled Agent (Boyer sequence) - Charles Williams
Halloway's Butler (Boyer sequence) - Eric Wilton
Old Concertgoer (Laughton sequence) - Will Wright