"Tank Girl" quotes

Tank Girl poster
A girl is among the few survivors of a dystopian Earth. Riding a war tank, she fights against the tyranny of a mega-corporation that dominates the remaining potable water supply of the planet.

Director: Rachel Talalay
Writer: Alan Martin, Jamie Hewlett, Tedi Sarafian
Production: N/A
Year: 1995
MetaScore: 46/100
ImdbRating: 5.4
BoxOffice: $4,064,495
Released: 31 Mar 1995
Awards: N/A

37 Clips


Tank Girl - Lori Petty
T-Saint - Ice-T
Jet Girl - Naomi Watts
Sgt. Small - Don Harvey
Booga - Jeff Kober
Deetee - Reg E. Cathey
Donner - Scott Coffey
Sub Girl - Ann Cusack
Richard - Brian Wimmer
Rat Face - Iggy Pop
Che'tsai - James Hong
Capt. Derouche - Charles Lucia
Additional Ripper - Harlan Clark
Additional Ripper - Doug Jones
Additional Ripper - Ata Scanlan
Additional Ripper - Alvarez Wortham
Dr. Nikita - Roz Witt
Foreman - Tom Noga
Trooper Wayne - John David Bland
Sand Hermit - Jo Farkas
Father - Stanton Davis
Mother - Jillian Balch
Trooper in Trench - Richard Schiff
Trooper #1 - Kane Picoy
Jet Pilot - Troy Startoni
Prostitute - Beth DePatie
Guard at Front Entrance - Clayton Landey
Technician - Roger Bohman
Trooper in Basement - Frank Walton
Flyer Trooper - Richard Scott Sarafian
Trooper at Pump Hanger - Aaron Kuhr
Young Rebecca - Kelly Cousineau
Trooper - Chief Gordon
Trooper - Kelly Kerby
Semi Driver - Jim Sullivan
Dig Site Worker - William A. Doyle
Flyer Pilot - Peer Ebbighausen
Puppeteer - Shane Mahan
Puppeteer - Mark Maitre
Puppeteer - J. Alan Scott
Liquid Silver Dancer - Aurorah Allain
Liquid Silver Dancer - Kristie Capozzoli
Liquid Silver Dancer - Anne Fletcher
Liquid Silver Dancer - Carla Garrido
Liquid Silver Dancer - Heather Hendricks
Liquid Silver Dancer - Carolyn Kusian
Liquid Silver Dancer - Letha M. Lamb
Liquid Silver Dancer - Larissa Lanoue
Liquid Silver Dancer - Holly Manville
Liquid Silver Dancer - Corey William May
Liquid Silver Dancer - Mary Ann Hermansen
Liquid Silver Dancer - Kristianne Reed
Liquid Silver Dancer - Lynette Ruiz
Liquid Silver Dancer - Ryoko Sawaishi
Liquid Silver Dancer - Joie Shettler
Liquid Silver Dancer - Wes Veldink
Liquid Silver Dancer - Dee Dee Weathers
Liquid Silver Dancer - Anacia Weiskittel
Liquid Silver Dancer - Nikki Whitfield
Liquid Silver Dancer - Kimberly Wolfe
Special Vocal Effects - Frank Welker
Prisoner - Daniel André
Tank Mechanic - Kylie Arnold
Model - Kristen Fick
Trooper - David Horn
Water Power Guard - Robert 'Roby' Hutchinson
Desert Trooper - Keith Jefferson
Brothel Patron - Dave Lawrence
The Madam - Ann Magnuson
Bouncer - Brian Patterson
Hand Maiden - Cynthia Shope