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To escape from an arranged marriage to Aquatania's pagan god, a desperate maiden ends up in Tarzan's fishing net. But soon, he, too, finds himself before a well-planned conspiracy. Can Tarza... Read all

Director: Robert Florey
Writer: Carroll Young, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Albert DePina
Production: Sol Lesser Productions
Year: 1948
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 5.7
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 15 May 1948
Awards: N/A

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Palanth - The High Priest - George Zucco
Luana - Mara's Mother - Andrea Palma
Varga - Pearl Trader - Fernando Wagner
Commissioner - Edward Ashley
Benji - John Laurenz
Tiko - Mara's Fiancé - Gustavo Rojo
British Inspector-General - Matthew Boulton
Aquitanian - Stephen Berne
Aquitanian - Silvia Derbez
Aquitanian - Rogelio Fernández
Aquitanian - Salvador Godínez
Aquitanian - Georgina González
Aquitanian - Magda Guzmán
Aquitanian - Margarito Luna
Older Aquitanian - Manuel Noriega
Aquitanian - Ana Luisa Peluffo
Aquitanian - Lilia Prado
Aquitanian - Ángela Rodríguez
Aquitanian - Armando Silvestre