Hey butch
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Hey, buddy, don't you know that Westerns are dead? Speaking of dead. Uh what I meant was...

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[to Walker]
Hey, buddy, don't you know that Westerns are dead?
Speaking of dead.
[aims pistol at Michaelangelo]

Uh what I meant was they're not all dead. Like Clint. You look alot like Clint!


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Hey butch
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Don't you know Westerns are dead
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Speaking of dead
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NILES I'll save you captain
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Hi there When I said Westerns were dead
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what I meant was they're not dead I forgot about Clint
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You look a lot like Clint Yes you do

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Uploaded: 03 April, 2022
Genres: action, adventure, comedy
Summary: When their closest friend April O'Neil discovers an ancient scepter with magical powers, the turtles must cow-a-bunga their way back to 17th century Japan to rescue her from the evil clutche... Read all


Michaelangelo - David Fraser
Walker - Stuart Wilson