In the absence of your dead mother, I present you this shield and say to you 'Return with...

The 300 Spartans1962
In the absence of your dead mother
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Gorgo, Leonidas' Wife:
In the absence of your dead mother, I present you this shield and say to you
[speaking in Greek]

Gorgo, Leonidas' Wife:
'Return with the shield or on it'.
Woman at Shield Ceremony:
What does that mean?
Ellas, Leonidas' Niece:
Either return carrying this shield in victory or carried on the shield in death.


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I'm ashamed of you What if the king has refused to take you with him
00:00:05.421 --> 00:00:08.298
You're a free man and a soldier
00:00:08.383 --> 00:00:11.076
Prove it to him and he will take you back
00:00:12.929 --> 00:00:14.096
How can I prove it
00:00:14.972 --> 00:00:17.349
Surely not by killing yourself
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My shield Yes Your shield You left it behind
00:00:25.483 --> 00:00:29.361
Did you forget the words my aunt spoke giving it to you
00:00:30.029 --> 00:00:32.697
Victory or death

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Uploaded: 24 November, 2022
Genres: adventure, drama, history
Summary: A small Army of Greeks spearheaded by three hundred Spartans do battle with the whole invading Persian Army.


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Woman at Shield Ceremony - Marietta Flemotomos