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After a young woman suffers a brutal gang rape in a bar one night, a prosecutor assists in bringing the perpetrators to justice, including the ones who encouraged and cheered on the attack.

Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Writer: Tom Topor
Production: N/A
Genre: crime, drama
Year: 1988
MetaScore: 65/100
ImdbRating: 7.1
BoxOffice: $32,078,318
Released: 14 Oct 1988
Awards: Won 1 Oscar. 6 wins & 5 nominations total

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Kathryn Murphy - Kelly McGillis
Sarah Tobias - Jodie Foster
Ken Joyce - Bernie Coulson
Cliff 'Scorpion' Albrect - Leo Rossi
Sally Fraser - Ann Hearn
D.A. Paul Rudolph - Carmen Argenziano
Bob Joiner - Steve Antin
Larry - Tom O'Brien
Attorney Paulsen - Peter Van Norden
Lieutenant Duncan - Terry David Mulligan
Danny - Woody Brown
Attorney Wainwright - Scott Paulin
Bartender Jesse - Tom Heaton
Defendant Matt Haines - Andrew Kavadas
Defendant Stu Holloway - Tom McBeath
Nurse - Rose Weaver
Rape Center Woman - Linda Darlow
Woman Orderly - Veena Sood
Assistant D.A. Massi - Allan Lysell
Plea Bargain Lawyer - Antony Holland
Plea Bargain Lawyer - Kevin McNulty
Plea Bargain Lawyer - Jerry Wasserman
Trial Judge - Barney O'Sullivan
Mrs. Albrect - Frances Flanagan
TV Commentator - Marsha Andrews
TV Commentator - Mike Winlaw
TV Commentator - Pamela Martin
Bail Hearing Judge (as Wally Marsh) - Walter Marsh
Court Officer - Deryl Hayes
Court Reporter - E. Andrea Klann
Bailiff - Bryan Johnson
Jury Foreman - Dana Still
Sarah's Mother on Phone (voice) - Denalda Williams
Woman Lawyer - Babs Chula
Dinner Party Date - Peter Bibby
911 Operator - Rebecca Toolan
Complaining Customer - Stephen Dimopoulos
Complaining Customer - Laurie O'Byrne
Receptionist - Freda Perry
Policeman - John H. Cox
Second Bartender - Jim Bedard
Sally's Daughter - Kirsten Keane
Sally's Son - David Sheridan
Courthouse Reporter (as Gary Chalk) - Garry Chalk
Courthouse Reporter - Garwin Sanford
Courthouse Reporter - Gloria Lee
Courthouse Reporter - Stephen Brent Lambert
Courthouse Reporter - Matt LaFleur
Courthouse Reporter - Michele Goodger
Record Store Clerk - Scott Walden
2nd Bailiff - Jim Browning
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