The Baron of Arizona quotes

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Master swindler James Reavis painstakingly spends years forging documents and land grants that will make his wife and him undisputed owners of the entire state of Arizona.

Director: Samuel Fuller
Writer: Samuel Fuller, Homer Croy
Production: Deputy Corporation
Year: 1950
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 04 Mar 1950
Awards: N/A

4 Clips & Quotes


James Addison Reavis 'The Baron' - Vincent Price
Sofia de Peralta-Reavis 'The Baroness' - Ellen Drew
Griff - Reed Hadley
Lansing - Robin Short
Rita - Tina Pine
Sofia as a Child - Karen Kester
Marquesa - Margia Dean
Governor - Jonathan Hale
Surveyor General Miller - Edward Keane
Mrs. Carrie Lansing - Barbara Wooddell
Mr. Richardson - I. Stanford Jolley
Demmings - Fred Kohler Jr.
McCleary - Tristram Coffin
Father Guardian - Gene Roth
Angie - Gypsy - Angelo Rossitto
Hank - Ed East
Mr. Gunther - Joseph J. Greene
Townsman - Walter Bacon
Townsman - Ray Beltram
Townsman - Phil Bloom
Gypsy - Nick Borgani
Vigilante - Buck Bucko
Townsman - Roy Bucko
Brother Gregory - Wheaton Chambers
Townsman Watching Beavis Return to Arizona - Richard Cramer
Townsman - Russell Custer
Townsman - Tex Driscoll
Board Member - Department of Interior - Sam Flint
Morelle - Vigilante - Terry Frost
Griff's Associate - Gil Frye
Mexican Cemetary Man - Elias Gamboa
Officer - Rudy Germane
Party Guest - Kenneth Gibson
Diminutive Franciscan Monk - Pat Goldin
Guard - Herman Hack
Townsman - Bobbie Hale
Party Guest - Stuart Hall
Surveyor's Assistant - Stephen S. Harrison
Townsman - Al Haskell
Townsman - Jack Hendricks
Townsman - Tex Holden
Man in the Governor's Mansion - Stuart Holmes
Townswoman - Kay Koury
Townsman - Billy McCoy
Townsman - Mathew McCue
Deputy - Tom McDonough
Hank - Lansing's Father-in-Law - George Meader
Townswoman in Court Scene - Audrey Meadows
Townsman - Jack Montgomery
Vigiante Firing Signal Shot - Lew Morphy
Board Member - Department of the Interior - Forbes Murray
Brother Paul - Robert A. O'Neil
Mr. Martinez - Adolfo Ornelas
Guest at Governor's Mansion - Lee Phelps
Deputy - Joe Phillips
Mr. Reynolds - Stanley Price
Townsman - Buddy Roosevelt
Deputy - Frosty Royce
Townsman - Jeffrey Sayre
Townsman - Allen D. Sewall
Townsman - Sammy Shack
Man at Governor's Mansion - Bert Stevens
Townsman - Jack Tornek