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Dave Bannion is an upright cop on the trail of a vicious gang he suspects holds power over the police force. Bannion is tipped off after a colleague's suicide and his fellow officers' suspicious silence lead him to believe that they are on the gangsters' payroll. When a bomb meant for him kills his wife instead, Bannion becomes a furious force of vengeance and justice, aided along the way by the gangster's spurned girlfriend Debby. As Bannion and Debby fall further and further into the Gangland's insidious and brutal trap, they must use any means necessary (including murder) to get to the truth.

Director: Fritz Lang
Writer: Sydney Boehm (screenplay), William P. McGivern (Saturday Evening Post serial)
Production: Columbia Pictures
Year: 1953
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 8.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 06 Dec 1953
Awards: 2 wins & 1 nomination.

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Dave Bannion - Glenn Ford
Debby Marsh - Gloria Grahame
Katie Bannion - Jocelyn Brando
Mike Lagana - Alexander Scourby
Vince Stone - Lee Marvin
Bertha Duncan - Jeanette Nolan
Tierney - Peter Whitney
Lt. Ted Wilks - Willis Bouchey
Gus Burke - Robert Burton
Larry Gordon - Adam Williams
Commissioner Higgins - Howard Wendell
George Rose - Chris Alcaide
Lucy Chapman - Dorothy Green
Baldy - Ric Roman
Mr. Atkins - Dan Seymour
Selma Parker - Edith Evanson
Joyce Bannion - Linda Bennett
Hopkins - Charles Cane
Hettrick - Phil Chambers
Policeman - John Close
Retreat Bartender - Sidney Clute
Mark Reiner - John Doucette
Harry Shoenstein - Al Eben
Councilman Gillen - Douglas Evans
Sailor - Fritz Ford
Retreat Patron - Michael Jeffers
Dr. Jones - Byron Kane
Cabby - Donald Kerr
Moving Man - Lyle Latell
Hank O'Connell - Harry Lauter
Canteen Patron - Nico Lek
Lagana's Mother in Portrait - Celia Lovsky
Dixon - Mike Mahoney
B-Girl - Laura Mason
George Fuller - Paul Maxey
Dr. Kane - Joseph Mell
Mrs Tucker - Ezelle Poule
Segal - Michael Ross
Lagana's Butler - Ted Stanhope
Bill Rutherford - Robert Stevenson
Janitor - William Vedder