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P.I. Philip Marlowe's hired by a wealthy general to find out and stop his daughter, Carmen from being blackmailed over gambling debts, Marlowe finds himself deep within a web of love triangles, blackmail, murder, gambling, and organised crime. With help from Vivian (another of the general's daughters), Marlowe hatches a plot to free the family from this web and trap the real culprit.

Director: Howard Hawks
Writer: William Faulkner (screen play), Leigh Brackett (screen play), Jules Furthman (screen play), Raymond Chandler (novel)
Production: Warner Bros. Pictures
Year: 1946
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 31 Aug 1946
Awards: 2 wins.

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Philip Marlowe - Humphrey Bogart
Vivian Rutledge - Lauren Bacall
Eddie Mars - John Ridgely
Carmen Sternwood - Martha Vickers
Acme Book Shop Proprietress - Dorothy Malone
Mona Mars - Peggy Knudsen
Chief Inspector Bernie Ohls - Regis Toomey
General Sternwood - Charles Waldron
Norris - the Butler - Charles D. Brown
Lash Canino - Bob Steele
Harry Jones - Elisha Cook Jr.
Joe Brody - Louis Jean Heydt
Art Huck - Trevor Bardette
Taxi Driver - Joy Barlow
Max - Head Waiter - Max Barwyn
Waitress - Deannie Best
Waitress - Tanis Chandler
Croupier - Jack Chefe
Nightclub Patron - James Conaty
Medical Examiner - Joseph Crehan
Agnes Lozelle - Sonia Darrin
Nightclub Patron - Jack Deery
Librarian - Carole Douglas
Casino Patron - Jay Eaton
Sidney - Tom Fadden
Woman with Bumped Man - Bess Flowers
Casino Patron - Kenneth Gibson
Nightclub Patron - Joe Gilbert
Nightclub Patron - Stuart Hall
Casino Patron - Shep Houghton
Nightclub Patron - Kenner G. Kemp
Motorcycle Cop - Pete Kooy
Hatcheck Girl - Lorraine Miller
Furtive Man - Forbes Murray
Cigarette Girl - Shelby Payne
Silent Thug Beating Marlowe - Jack Perry
Carol Lundgren - Tommy Rafferty
Nightclub Patron - Waclaw Rekwart
Nightclub Patron - Edward Rickard
Nightclub Patron - Suzanne Ridgway
Croupier - Jeffrey Sayre
Ed - Deputy Sheriff - Emmett Vogan
Arthur Gwynn Geiger - Theodore von Eltz
Mars' Thug - Wally Walker
Owen Taylor - Dan Wallace
Mars' Thug - Paul Weber
Pete - Ben Welden