What are you doing
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It's locked. So what? Brian, what is with you? You're acting like a complete jerk. I have...

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Brian Flagg:
It's locked.
Meg Penny:
So what? Brian, what is with you? You're acting like a complete jerk.
Brian Flagg:
I have a problem with authority figures.
Meg Penny:
What are you doing?
Brian Flagg:
I think we ought to get out of here. We ought to take my bike and blow this town. It's getting a little thick around here. Don't you think?
Meg Penny:
That's crazy. These people are here to help us.
Brian Flagg:
Come on Meg, we don't even know who they are. NASA, CIA, Royal Canadian Mounties, all I know is I saw a bunch of unmarked trucks back there, I think the whole thing stinks.


00:00:01.099 --> 00:00:04.784
We're a government-sanctioned biological containment team.
00:00:04.868 --> 00:00:06.994
"Biological containment"?
00:00:07.079 --> 00:00:10.373
We're microbe hunters, young lady. Flagg?
00:00:12.000 --> 00:00:14.945
What are you doing here, boy?
00:00:15.017 --> 00:00:18.923
The men from Glad here are showing us how to keep our leftovers fresh.
00:00:19.014 --> 00:00:22.076
These people are here on serious business. They don't have time for your bullshit, understand?
00:00:22.844 --> 00:00:25.846
Colonel, has the deputy been briefed in detail? Yes, sir.
00:00:25.931 --> 00:00:28.999
I'm just heading back to town now to get things started.
00:00:28.141 --> 00:00:32.061
Splendid. Colonel Hargis will arrange an escort.
00:00:32.145 --> 00:00:34.981
What is going on over there?
00:00:35.998 --> 00:00:38.999
That's the source of our worries‒
00:00:38.011 --> 00:00:40.403
a troublesome souvenir from space. What?
00:00:40.487 --> 00:00:43.239
A meteorite. Don't get too close.
00:00:43.323 --> 00:00:45.783
There's danger of contamination.
00:00:45.867 --> 00:00:49.453
[Meg] I don't understand. Let me tell you a story.
00:00:49.538 --> 00:00:53.916
The dinosaurs ruled our planet for millions of years,
00:00:55.999 --> 00:00:58.002
and yet they died out almost overnight.
00:00:58.013 --> 00:01:00.999
00:01:00.173 --> 00:01:05.303
The evidence suggests that a meteor fell to Earth bearing an alien bacteria.
00:01:05.387 --> 00:01:08.306
Plague? Is that what this whole thing is about?
00:01:08.039 --> 00:01:10.001
00:01:10.392 --> 00:01:13.001
And you think this meteor brought some kind of a killer germ?
00:01:15.006 --> 00:01:19.999
It's something I've expected and prepared for all my life.
00:01:19.401 --> 00:01:22.001
Well, your meteor brought somethin', all right.
00:01:22.738 --> 00:01:27.908
But if it's a germ, it's the biggest son of a bitch you've ever seen.

Clip duration: 89 seconds
Views: 163
Timestamp in movie: 00:52:43
Uploaded: 01 September, 2021
Genres: horror, sci-fi, thriller
Summary: A deadly entity from space crashes near a small town and begins consuming everyone in its path. Panic ensues as shady government scientists try to contain the horrific creature.


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Brian Flagg - Kevin Dillon
Meg Penny - Shawnee Smith
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