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You don't remember those sketches on the news channel

Murphy MacManus:
But how would anyone recognize us?
Connor MacManus:
You don't remember those sketches on the news channel?
Murphy MacManus:
Shit. That's right. Y'know, every time they show those composites on TV and then they catch the guy, it looks nothin' like him. But ours?
Connor MacManus:
Just our luck. We get Leonardo fuckin' da Vinci as a sketch artist.
Murphy MacManus:
Maybe we should dye our hair.
Connor MacManus:
Murphy MacManus:
Yeah. These guys are always dyin' their hair. You know, like in 'The Fugitive.' It's covert and shit.
Connor MacManus:
[Connor smirks privately]
What color would you dye it?
Murphy MacManus:
I don't know... lighter, I guess.
Connor MacManus:
Y'mean... blonde?
Murphy MacManus:
I didn't say that!
Connor MacManus:
California, surfer boy, gay, gay, gay blonde?
Murphy MacManus:
I'm warnin' ya!
Connor MacManus:
Just keep your hands off my ass back there and, "Stay gold, Pony Boy."
[Connor laughs heartily]

Murphy MacManus:
Fuck you!
[Connor stabs the ink pen into his brother's shoulder]

Connor MacManus:
[Connor bolts up, knocking over the pot. Hot water and pennies spread across the floor. Connor pulls the pen out]

Connor MacManus:
You Motherfucker!
Murphy MacManus:
Serves ya right!

How would he even
recognize us?
You don't remember the fucking sketches on the news channel?
Shit, that's right.
Fuck's sake.
You know,
every time you see those composites on TV
and they catch the guy,
it looks nothing like him.
But ours...
Just our luck, right?
We draw Leonardo fucking da Vinci as a sketch artist.
And two days ago,
we looked like Jesus Christ.
What the fuck
we cut our hair for?
Yeah, that's right.
I don't know, it seemed
like the thing to do
at the time,
though, didn't it?
Maybe we should dye it.
Well, they're always dying their hair in the movies,
like The Fugitive.
It's covert and shit.
What color
would you dye it?
Lighter, I guess.
Do you mean blonde?
I didn't fucking say that.
Like California surfer boy.
It's not what I'm saying.
Like gay, gay, gay,
faggoty blonde.
I'm fucking warning you!
"Stay gold, Ponyboy!"
I'm fucking warning you!
"Stay gold..."
Fuck you!
You fucking cunt!
Jesus fucking Christ!
Well, I was fucking mad!
What kind of
fucking crazy...
I know who you are.
You guys are...
Shut it!
Oh, this is so
fucking cool, man!
I'm from Boston
and I love you guys.
Shit, everybody
loves you guys.
Maybe I can
get on this thing.
You know, bring some
raza into this.
Spice it up a little.
Hey, is it true that you guys say a prayer before you grease somebody?

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Movie: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day
Year: 2009
Genres: action, crime, thriller
Summary: The MacManus brothers are living a quiet life in Ireland with their father, but when they learn that their beloved priest has been killed by mob forces, they go back to Boston to bring justice to those responsible and avenge the priest.

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Murphy MacManus - Norman Reedus
Connor MacManus - Sean Patrick Flanery