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Erica Bain is a happy radio host from a city she loves and with a fiancé she adores. However, a brutal attack in New York's Central Park changes her life forever, leaving her in a coma for 3 weeks and her fiancé dead. In an attempt to feel safer after the attack, she buys a gun. However New York does not feel the same as it did anymore and Erica has several encounters where she is not afraid to use her new gun. Everyone is talking about a vigilante and Erica is forced to talk about them too on her radio show...

Director: Neil Jordan
Writer: Roderick Taylor (screenplay), Bruce A. Taylor (screenplay), Cynthia Mort (screenplay), Roderick Taylor (story), Bruce A. Taylor (story)
Production: Silver Pictures, Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures
Year: 2007
MetaScore: 56/100
ImdbRating: 6.7
BoxOffice: $36,793,804
Released: 14 Sep 2007
Awards: Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 1 win & 6 nominations.

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Erica Bain - Jodie Foster
Detective Mercer - Terrence Howard
Detective Vitale - Nicky Katt
David Kirmani - Naveen Andrews
Josai - Ene Oloja
Nicole - Jane Adams
Chloe - Zoë Kravitz
Ethan - John Magaro
Thug on Subway - Jermel Howard
Thug on Subway - Dennis L.A. White
Shauna Nelson - Laila Liliana Garro
Detective Pitney - James Biberi
Detective O'Connor - Brian Delate
Mortell - Lenny Venito
Jackie - Carmen Ejogo
Sketch Artist - Dana Eskelson
Gun Dealer - Angel Sing
David's Mother - Yolande Bavan
James - Ivo Velon
Stationary Saleswoman - Tina Sloan
Pawn Shop Guy - Jamie Tirelli
Sandy Combs - Larry Fessenden
Ida Combs - An Nguyen
Gun Store Clerk - Brian Tarantina
Chief of Detectives - Jesus Ruiz
Press Conference Reporter - Hope Adams
Press Conference Reporter - Joseph Melendez
Press Conference Reporter - Ted Neustadt
Ethan's Friend - Brett Berg
Emergency Room Doctor - Jeffrey Manko
Precinct Cop - Mick Cunningham
CPA Worker - Lisa Joyce
Desk Cop - Tom Greer
Guy Outside Subway Station - David Naizir
Sound Engineer - Bob McClure
Erica's Nurse - Tashya Valdevit
Shauna's Friend - Lai-Si Fernandez
Reed's Runner - Moisés Acevedo
Reed's Runner - Dennis Leonard Johnson
Subway Detective - Jack Caruso
Subway Detective - Jim Taylor McNickle
Subway Reporter - Rosanne Lucarelli
Subway Reporter - Leif Riddell
Subway Reporter - DeShaun Stallworth
Elevator Man - Michael J. Burg
Elevator Man - Creighton James
Elevator Man - Clayton Dean Smith
Elevator Woman - Barbara Gayle
Elevator Woman - Anna Margaret Hollyman
Elevator Woman - Lily Mercer
Russian Cab Driver - Musto Pelinkovicci
NY1 Reporter - Dean Meminger
NY1 TV Anchor - Cheryl Wills
Pedestrian - David Boston
Pawnshop Owner - Dominick Cicco
Pawn Shop Customer - Ev Depaolis
Radio Announcer - Rick Derby
Man in Bar - Joe Remy Dolinsky
Detective Paul Sateri - Doug Ferony
Special Ability Nurse for Erica Bain's Intubation Scene - Renee Fishman
On Air News Reporter - Roy William Gardner
Construction Worker - Chuck Gerena
Nurse - Tina King
Neighborhood Resident - Tia Latrell
Street Detective - Loukas Papas
Lady at Bar - Donna Ross
Pawnbroker - Kenny Shapiro
Detective - Alia Tarraf