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An otherwise moral captain of a charter boat becomes financially strapped and is drawn into illegal activities in order to keep up payments on his boat.

Director: Michael Curtiz
Writer: Ranald MacDougall, Ernest Hemingway
Production: Warner Brothers/Seven Arts
Year: 1950
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 06 Oct 1950
Awards: N/A

19 Clips & Quotes


Harry Morgan - John Garfield
Leona Charles - Patricia Neal
Lucy Morgan - Phyllis Thaxter
Wesley Park - Juano Hernandez
F.R. Duncan - Wallace Ford
Rogers - Edmon Ryan
Hannagan - Ralph Dumke
Danny - Guy Thomajan
Amy Morgan - Sherry Jackson
Connie Morgan - Donna Jo Boyce
Mr. Sing - Victor Sen Yung
Reporter - John Alvin
Taxi Driver - Chet Brandenburg
Macho - Peter Brocco
Girl at Bar - Mary Carroll
1st Chinese Immigrant - Spencer Chan
Deputy - John Close
Gotch Goten - John Doucette
Bartender in Mexico - Juan Duval
Dock Attendant - Norman Field
Mr. Phillips - Alex Gerry
Leona's Friend - Donna Gibson
Chinese Immigrant - H.W. Gim
Racetrack Teller - Dick Gordon
Charlie - James Griffith
Mrs. Cooley - Helene Hatch
Boatswain - Len Hendry
Joseph Park - Juan Hernández
Leona's Friend - George Hoagland
Racetrack Guard - Charles Horvath
Chinese Immigrant - Tommy Lee
Bartender at The Shore Club - Benny Long
Leona's Friend - Bob MacLean
Leona's Escort - Paul McGuire
Coast Guardsman - David McMahon
Freckle-Faced Kid - Beverly Mook
Reporter - John Morgan
Policeman - Jack Mower
Dock Master - Norman Phillips Jr.
Taxi Driver - Glen Turnbull
Hernandez - Paul Vierro
Coast Guard Doctor - Robert B. Williams