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Evan Treborn suffers blackouts during significant events of his life. As he grows up, he finds a way to remember these lost memories and a supernatural way to alter his life by reading his j... Read all

Director: Eric Bress, J. Mackye Gruber
Writer: J. Mackye Gruber, Eric Bress
Production: Blackout Entertainment, Benderspink, Katalyst Films, Film Engine
Year: 2004
MetaScore: 30/100
ImdbRating: 7.6
BoxOffice: $57,938,693
Released: 23 Jan 2004
Awards: 1 win & 8 nominations

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Kayleigh - Amy Smart
Lenny - Elden Henson
Kayleigh at 13 - Irina Gorovaia
Lenny at 13 - Kevin G. Schmidt
Tommy at 13 - Jesse James
Evan at 7 - Logan Lerman
Kayleigh at 7 - Sarah Widdows
Lenny at 7 - Jake Kaese
Tommy at 7 - Cameron Bright
Mr. Miller - Eric Stoltz
Mrs. Boswell - Lorena Gale
Dr. Redfield - Nathaniel DeVeaux
Priest - John Tierney
Mrs. Kagan - Kendall Cross
Anchor - Ted Friend
Professor Carter - John B. Lowe
Thumper - Ethan Suplee
Heidi - Tara Wilson
Spencer - Jesse Hutch
Mrs. Halpern - Sadie Lawrence
Boss - Bill Croft
Pinching Customer - Glenn Richards
Theta Chi Pledge - Sam Easton
Senior Brother - Daniel Spink
Carlos - Kevin Durand
Waitress - June B. Wilde
Orderly (as Kimani Smith) - Kimani Ray Smith
Sunnyvale Guard - Trevor Jones
Teen Punk - Colby Chartrand
Mrs. Miller - Shelly Schiavoni
Kristen (as Brandy Heidrick) - Brandy Kopp
Madame Helga - Chapelle Jaffe
Obstetrician - Scott Swanson
Anesthesiologist - Kevan Ohtsji
Gesela - Melanie Hall
Gothic Co-Ed - Amy Esterle
Moviegoer - David Cook
Teen Punk Girl - Magda Apanowicz
Wedding Priest (as Gary Little) - Garry Little
Evan at 3 - J. Jackson Kocela
Andrea's New Husband - Andrew Olcott
Crockett the Dog - Riddle the Dog
Theta Chi Pledge #2 - David Dasilma
Crying Mental Patient - Stan Edmonds
Young Evan Treborn - Taylor Fisher
Theater Patron - Cameron K. Smith