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The Cotton Club was a famous Harlem nightclub. This is the story of the people who visited this club as well as the people who ran it, and the film is generously peppered with the jazz music that made the Cotton Club so renowned in the 1920s and 1930s.

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Writer: William Kennedy (screenplay), Francis Ford Coppola (screenplay), William Kennedy (story), Francis Ford Coppola (story), Mario Puzo (story), Jim Haskins (pictorial history "The Cotton Club")
Production: Zoetrope Studios
Genre: crime, drama, music
Year: 1984
MetaScore: 68/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 14 Dec 1984
Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 1 win & 6 nominations.

10 Clips & Quotes


Dixie Dwyer - Richard Gere
Sandman Williams - Gregory Hines
Vera Cicero - Diane Lane
Lila Rose Oliver - Lonette McKee
Owney Madden - Bob Hoskins
Dutch Schultz - James Remar
Vincent Dwyer - Nicolas Cage
Abbadabba Berman - Allen Garfield
Frenchy Demange - Fred Gwynne
Tish Dwyer - Gwen Verdon
Frances Flegenheimer - Lisa Jane Persky
Clay Williams - Maurice Hines
Sol Weinstein - Julian Beck
Madame St. Clair - Novella Nelson
Bumpy Rhodes - Laurence Fishburne
Joe Flynn - John P. Ryan
Irving Stark - Tom Waits
Mike Best - Ron Karabatsos
Ed Popke - Glenn Withrow
Patsy Dwyer - Jennifer Grey
Winnie Williams - Wynonna Smith
Norma Williams - Thelma Carpenter
Suger Coates - Charles 'Honi' Coles
Cab Calloway - Larry Marshall
Charles 'Lucky' Luciano - Joe Dallesandro
Monk - Ed O'Ross
Sullen Man - Frederick Downs Jr.
Gloria Swanson - Diane Venora
Kid Griffin - Tucker Smallwood
Holmes - Woody Strode
Solly - Dayton Allen
Ling - Kim Chan
Messiah - Ed Rowan
Vince Hood - George Cantero
Vince Hood - Brian Tarantina
Vince Hood - Bruce MacVittie
Vince Hood - James Russo
Bumpy Hood - Giancarlo Esposito
Bumpy Hood - Bruce Hubbard
Caspar Holstein - Rony Clanton
Bub Jewett - Damien Leake
Big Joe Ison - Bill Cobbs
Marcial Flores - Joe Lynn
Spanish Henry - Oscar Barnes
Hotel Clerk (as Edward Zang) - Ed Zang
Myrtle Fay - Sandra Beall
Duke Ellington - Zane Mark
Butch Murdock - Tom Signorelli
Policeman #1 - Paul Herman
Policeman #2 - Randle Mell
Trigger Mike Coppola - Steve Vignari
Charlie Chaplin - Gregory Rozakis
Ted Husing - Marc Coppola
Elda Webb - Norma Jean Darden
Stage Door Joe - Robert Earl Jones
James Cagney (as Vincent Jerosa) - Vincent Jerman-Jerosa
Fanny Brice - Rosalind Harris
Child in Street - Steve Cafiso
Child in Street - John Cafiso
Child in Street (as Domino) - Sofia Coppola
Child in Street - Ninon Digiorgio
Child in Street - Daria Hines
Child in Street - Patricia LeTang
Child in Street - Christopher Lewis
Child in Street - Danielle Osborne
Child in Street - Jason Papalardo
Child in Street - Demetrius Pena
'Creole Love Call' sung by - Priscilla Baskerville
Bandana Babies Lead Vocal / Dancer - Ethel Beatty
Barbecue Bess sung by - Sydney Goldsmith
Hoofer - Ralph Brown
Hoofer - Harold Cromer
Hoofer - Bubba Gaines
Hoofer (as Henry 'Phace' Roberts) - Henry Phace Roberts
Hoofer (as Jimmy Slide) - Jimmy Slyde
Hoofer - Henry LeTang
Hoofer - Charles Young
Tip, Tap & Toe - Skip Cunningham
Tip, Tap & Toe - Luther Fontaine
Tip, Tap & Toe - Jan Mickens
Dancer - Lydia Abarca
Dancer - Sarita Allen
Dancer - Tracey Bass
Dancer (as Benny Clory) - Benny Clorey
Dancer (as Sherri Cowart) - Sheri Cowart
Dancer - Cisco Drayton
Dancer - Ann Duquesnay
Dancer - Carla Earle
Dancer - Wendy Edmead
Dancer - Debbie Fitts
Dancer (as Ruddy Garner) - Ruddy L. Garner
Dancer - Terri Griffin
Dancer - Robin Harmon
Dancer - Sonya Hensley
Dancer - Dave Jackson
Dancer - Alde Lewis
Dancer - Paula Lynn
Dancer - Bernard Marsh
Dancer - Vody Najac
Dancer (as Viewma Negromonte) - Vya Negromonte
Dancer (as Alice Anne Oakes) - Alice Anne Oates
Dancer - Anne Palmer
Dancer - Julie Pars
Dancer - Janet Powell
Dancer - Tracey Ross
Dancer - Kiki Shepard
Dancer - Gary Thomas
Dancer - Rima Vetter
Dancer - Karen Wadkins
Dancer - Ivery Wheeler
Dancer - Alexis Wilson
Gangster - George Coutoupis
Gangster - Scott Crawford
Joan Blondell - Kimberly Dorsey
Ownie Hood - Anton Evangelista
Screen Test Thug - Nicholas J. Giangiulio
(voice) - Linda Gillen
Dancer - Sandra Gray
The Duchess of Park Avenue - Suzanne Kaaren
Vera's Side Kick / Banville Club - Robin Karfo
Charlie Workman - Mark Margolis
Waiter - Ray Negron
Doorman - D.J. Sharp
Singer - Larry Stewart
Cotton Club Waiter - Kirk Taylor
Legs Diamond's Bodyguard - Stan Tracy
Hitman - Rick Washburn