Hey Nick
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Hey, Nick? Yeah? I gotta ask you a question. Shoot. Next week, Michael's benefit. Uh-huh....

The Crush 1993
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Amy Maddik:
Hey, Nick?
Nick Eliot:
Amy Maddik:
I gotta ask you a question.
Nick Eliot:
Amy Maddik:
Next week, Michael's benefit.
Nick Eliot:
Amy Maddik:
Are you going?
Nick Eliot:
Well, we, uh, have to, right?
Amy Maddik:
I want you to go with me.
Nick Eliot:
What? You mean, like, together? On a date?
Amy Maddik:
Okay, never mind. I know I shouldn't of even a-a...
Nick Eliot:
No, wait a minute. What ever happen to, "Don't get your meat where you lay your eggs," thing?
Amy Maddik:
Bread where you make your bread.
Nick Eliot:
Bread, bread, right.
Amy Maddik:
Well, I wouldn't wanna see you slow dance with Samantha.
Nick Eliot:
Amy Maddik:
...Or some thirteen-year-old.
Nick Eliot:
Amy Maddik:
I, uh, wouldn't like that.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.669
Hey Nick
00:00:02.071 --> 00:00:03.092
00:00:04.001 --> 00:00:06.999
I got to askyou a question
00:00:06.089 --> 00:00:07.009
00:00:09.467 --> 00:00:11.678
Next week Michael's benefiit
00:00:11.719 --> 00:00:13.221
Are you going
00:00:13.304 --> 00:00:16.891
Well we uh have to right
00:00:18.685 --> 00:00:21.187
I want you to go with me
00:00:21.271 --> 00:00:23.564
What you mean like together on a date
00:00:23.606 --> 00:00:26.859
Okay Never mind I know I shouldn't have
00:00:26.901 --> 00:00:30.113
No no no Wait a minute Wait a minute
00:00:30.196 --> 00:00:33.157
Whatever happened to um
00:00:33.241 --> 00:00:35.091
''don't get your meat where you lay your eggs'' thing

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Uploaded: 03 April, 2022
Genres: drama, thriller
Summary: A journalist becomes the unwanted center of attention for a 14-year-old girl, who proceeds to sabotage his life after he refuses her sexual advances.


Amy Maddik - Jennifer Rubin
Nick Eliot - Cary Elwes