"The Day the Earth Stood Still" quotes

The Day the Earth Stood Still poster
An alien and a robot land on Earth after World War II and tell mankind to be peaceful or face destruction.

Director: Robert Wise
Writer: Edmund H. North, Harry Bates
Production: N/A
Year: 1951
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 20 Sep 1951
Awards: 3 wins & 1 nomination

35 Clips


Helen Benson - Patricia Neal
Tom Stevens - Hugh Marlowe
Professor Jacob Barnhardt - Sam Jaffe
Bobby Benson - Billy Gray
Mrs. Barley - Frances Bavier
General at Pentagon - Patrick Aherne
Sightseer at Spaceship - Walter Bacon
Scientific Delegate - Rama Bai
Peddler - Oscar Blank
Chief of Staff - Marshall Bradford
George Barley - John Brown
British Radio Announcer - John Burton
Mr. Bleeker - Wheaton Chambers
Scientific Delegate - Spencer Chan
Mother - Jean Charney
Secretary - Beulah Christian
Captain - John Close
French Woman - Louise Colombet
General at Pentagon - James Conaty
Mr. Harley - Frank Conroy
British Soldier - Eric Corrie
Cockney - John Costello
Businessman - James Craven
Minor Role - Jack Daly
Elmer Davis - Commentator - Elmer Davis
Army Physician - Lawrence Dobkin
Medical Corps Major - Jim Doyle
Government Man - Roy Engel
Major General - Charles Evans
Mrs. Crockett - Edith Evanson
Extra in Office Building Corridor - Franklyn Farnum
British Soldier - Michael Ferris
Emma - Jewelry Clerk - Elizabeth Flournoy
Scientific Delegate - Curt Furberg
American Radar Operator - Grady Galloway
Sentry - Bill Gentry
Minor Role - Paul Gerrits
Military Officer at Pentagon Meeting - James Gonzalez
Citizen - Robert Haines
Interviewer - Glenn Hardy
Scientific Delegate - Sam Harris
Taxi Driver - Harry Harvey
Scientific Delegate - Al Haskell
Gabriel Heatter - Commentator - Gabriel Heatter
Government Agent - Gil Herman
Airforce Captain looking perplexed - Louis Jean Heydt
TV Announcer on Truck - John Hiestand
Pool Hall Patron - Michael Jeffers
H.V. Kantenborn - Commentator - H.V. Kaltenborn
Indian Radio Announcer - Hassan Khayyam
Scientific Delegate - Richard LaMarr
Platoon Leader - Harry Lauter
General Cutler - Freeman Lusk
Colonel Ryder - George Lynn
Brigadier General - Herbert Lytton
Sightseer at Spaceship - Bert Madrid
Sentry - Mike Mahoney
Minor Role - Sandee Marriott
Air Force Sergeant - David McMahon
Brady - Tyler McVey
Military Officer at Pentagon Meeting - Harold Miller
Voice of General - Millard Mitchell
Government Man - Ralph Montgomery
Government Man - Bruce Morgan
Scientific Delegate - Joseph C. Narcisse
Police Officer Behind Desk - Bill Neff
Colonel - Howard Negley
Margaret - Secretary - Dorothy Neumann
Sam - Sammy Ogg
Major White - Robert Osterloh
Captain - Gayle Pace
Drew Pearson - Commentator - Drew Pearson
Colonel - Ted Pearson
Military Police Captain - House Peters Jr.
Cab Driver - 'Snub' Pollard
Army Captain - Mike Ragan
Government Man - Gilman Rankin
Soldier - Anthony Redondo
Tank Driver - John M. Reed
Operator - Bob Reeves
Minor Role - Barry Regan
Bobby - John Rice
Major General - Fay Roope
Russian Woman - Pola Russ
Government Man - James Seay
Minor Role - Bernard Sell
Government Man - Charles Sherlock
Russian Pilot - Peter Similuk
Colonel - Bob Simpson
Kid In Saucer Landing Crowd - Joseph P. Sinda
Scientific Delegate - Reginald Lal Singh
Government Man - Marc Snow
Mr. Krull - Olan Soule
Army Orderly - Kim Spalding
Soldier - Murray Steckler
Minor Role - Harmon Stevens
Voice of Radio Announcer - Charles Tannen
Scientific Delegate - Glen Walters
Carlson - Harlan Warde
Radio Newscaster (voice) - Bill Welsh
Military Police Sergeant - Rush Williams
Government Man - Wilson Wood
Colonel in Jeep - Carleton Young