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(at around 46 mins) Otis' line "I am The Devil and I am here to do the Devil's work" is a slightly altered version of a quote spoken by Manson Family member Charles 'Tex' Watson during the infamous Tate Murders.Goofs(at around 39 mins) During her rant in a jail cell, Mother Firefly is seen holding her hands far apart for emphasis when her hands are supposed to be handcuffed with only about a foot of chain.QuotesOtis B. Driftwood: I am the devil, and I am here to do the devil's work.Alternate versionsThere is an unrated DVD version that contains scenes that were cut for an R rating,including a longer version of the "motel" scene.ConnectionsFeatured in Siskel & Ebert & the Movies: The Island/November/Last Days/The Devil's Rejects/Hustle & Flow (2005)Soundtracks

Director: Rob Zombie
Writer: Rob Zombie
Production: Lions Gate Entertainment
Genre: horror
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 53/100
ImdbRating: 6.8
BoxOffice: $17,044,981
Released: 22 Jul 2005
Awards: 10 wins & 8 nominations

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Captain Spaulding - Sid Haig
Sheriff Wydell - William Forsythe
Charlie Altamont - Ken Foree
Mother Firefly - Leslie Easterbrook
Roy Sullivan - Geoffrey Lewis
Gloria Sullivan - Priscilla Barnes
Officer Ray Dobson - Dave Sheridan
Wendy Banjo - Kate Norby
Adam Banjo - Lew Temple
Rondo - Danny Trejo
Billy Ray Snapper - Dallas Page
Jimmy - Brian Posehn
George Wydell - Tom Towles
Susan - P.J. Soles
Fanny - Ginger Lynn
Coggs - Chris Ellis
Abbie - Mary Woronov
Morris Green - Daniel Roebuck
Dr. Bankhead - Duane Whitaker
Turk Murphy - Sean Moran
Bubba - Kelvin Brown
Anchorman - Glenn Taranto
Medical Examiner - Mike Bellesfield
Documentary Narrator - Richard Epcar
Otis' Victim - Jessica Helmer
Officer with Gas Mask on Left - Kane Hodder
County Sheriff - Bruce Holman
Rufus Firefly - Tyler Mane
Scared Guy - Nicholas Marino
Dr. Satan - Walter Phelan
Sheriff Ken Dwyer - Steve Railsback
The Guardian - Alex Revan
News Reporter - John H. Tobin
Marty Walker - Robert Trebor