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The story of the famous and influential 1960s rock band The Doors and its lead singer and composer, Jim Morrison, from his days as a UCLA film student in Los Angeles, to his untimely death in Paris, France at age 27 in 1971.

Director: Oliver Stone
Writer: Randall Jahnson, Oliver Stone
Production: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Year: 1991
MetaScore: 62/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 Mar 1991
Awards: 3 nominations.

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Jim Morrison - Val Kilmer
Pamela Courson - Meg Ryan
Ray Manzarek - Kyle MacLachlan
Robby Krieger - Frank Whaley
John Densmore - Kevin Dillon
Paul Rothchild - Michael Wincott
Tom Baker - Michael Madsen
Bill Siddons - Josh Evans
Patricia Kennealy - Kathleen Quinlan
Engineer - Last Session - John Densmore
Young Jim - Sean Stone
Little Sister - Kendall Deichen
Shaman (as Floyd Red Crow Westerman) - Floyd 'Red Crow' Westerman
Indian in Desert - Rion Hunter
Indian in Desert - Wes Studi
Indian in Desert - Steve Reevis
Young Man with Pam (as Bernie Telsey) - Bernard Telsey
UCLA Student - Bruce MacVittie
UCLA Student - Andrew Lauer
Blues Singer on Venice Boardwalk - Harmonica Fats
Dorothy (as Kelly Ann Hu) - Kelly Hu
Robby Krieger's Girlfriend (as Josie Bisset) - Josie Bissett
Fog Groupie - Fiona
Music Manager (as Bob Lupone) - Robert LuPone
Music Manager's Sidekick (as Paul Rothchild) - Paul A. Rothchild
Backstage Manager (as Eric Burden) - Eric Burdon
Old Crone - Nellie Red Owl
Whiskey Girl - Victoria Seeger
Whiskey Girl (as Debbie Mazar) - Debi Mazar
Whiskey Girl - Jacqui Bell
Patron at The Whiskey - Sergio Premoli
Jac Holzman - Mark Moses
Bruce Botnick - Frank Military
John Densmore's Girlfriend (as Debbie Falconer) - Deborah Falconer
New York Groupie - Michele Bronson
Ed Sullivan - Will Jordan
Sullivan's Producer - Sam Whipple
CBS Girl Backstage - Charlie Spradling
Makeup Artist - Lisa Edelstein
Hairdresser at the Sullivan Show (as Erik Dellems) - Erik Dellums
Magazine Photographer - Mimi Rogers
Warhol PR - Paul Williams
Partygoer - Kristina Hare
Italian Count - Costas Mandylor
Nico (as Kristina Fulton) - Christina Fulton
Andy Warhol - Crispin Glover
Warhol Eurosnob (as Bernt Kuhlman) - Bernt Kuhlmann
Warhol Eurosnob - Claire Stansfield
Warhol Actress - Karina Lombard
New York Journalist - Christopher Lawford
New York Journalist - Dani Klein
New York Journalist - Laura Esterman
New York Journalist - Deborah Lupard
New York Journalist - Ashley Stone
New York Journalist (as Richard B. Rifkin) - Richard Rifkin
New York Journalist - Chris Boyle
New York Journalist - Adrian Scott
New Haven Promoter - Bill Graham
Macing Cop - Titus Welliver
New Haven Cop - Danny Sullivan
New Haven Cop - Stanley White
Police Lieutenant - Frank Girardeau
Bartender - Bonnie Bramlett
Patron at Barney's (as Rodney Grant) - Rodney A. Grant
Hippie at Party (as Brad Von Beltz) - Brad Weston
Chuck Vincent - Hawthorne James
Girl in Car - Csynbidium
Girl in Car - Cirsten Weldon
Wicca Priestess - Patricia Kennealy
High Priest - Davidson Thomson
Indian at the Outdoor Concert - Leonard Crow Dog
Indian at the Outdoor Concert - Carmella Runnels
Miami Warm-Up Band - Pride in Peril
Miami Journalist - Keith Reddin
Miami Promoter - Billy Vera
Miami Cop - Allan Graf
Miami Cop - Jack McGee
Judge (as Allen Manson) - Alan Manson
Lawyer (as Bill Kunstler) - William Kunstler
Associate Lawyer - Peter Crombie
Prosecutor (as Bob Marshall) - Robert Marshall
Secretary - Annie McEnroe
Office Publicist - Tudor Sherrard
Office P.A. - Jad Mager
Birthday Girl - Kelly Leach
Hippie Girl - Theresa Bell
Hippie Girl - Cindi Braun
Drag Queen - Michael Braveheart
Self - Shooting George Wallace (archive footage) - Arthur Bremer
Stray Hippie - Cait Brennan
Hippie Chick - Kathy Brolly
Warhol Guest - Taylor Brooks
Self (archive footage) - William Calley
Sailor / Concert Goer - Bob Casper
Dancer - Jorga Caye
Army Soldier - Don 'Tex' Clark
Man backstage in Miami - Franco Columbu
Motor Officer - Bret Culpepper
Audience Member - Efrain Denson
UCLA Film Student - Tim Duquette
Trick's Friend - John Louis Fischer
Man at Birthday Party - Phil Fondacaro
Sexy Silhouette - Miranda Frederick
Insane Vegetarian - Tim Guinee
Hippie - Bill Hennig
Self - in Speech (archive footage) - Adolf Hitler
Hippie - Rich Hopkins
Hippie - Lisa Joffrey
Self - at 1968 California Primary (archive footage) - Ethel Kennedy
Self - Before and After the Shooting (archive footage) - Robert F. Kennedy
Self (archive footage) - Martin Luther King
Ed Sullivan patron - Dave Knapp
Concert goer - Mike Knox
Guy Back Stage - Robby Krieger
Tripping Fan - Mark Lawyer
Self (archive footage) - Charles Manson
Music Lawyer - Troy Martin
Reporter - Kim Meredith
Self (archive footage) - Richard Nixon
Groupie - Randall Oliver
Street Spectator - John Michael Quinn
Dade Politician - Dean Rader-Duval
Soundman - Shannon Ratigan
New Haven Tween Reporter - Heidi Schooler
Roadie - Ron Severdia
UCLA Film Professor - Oliver Stone
Okie Girl - Jennifer Tilly
Groupie - Mariana Tosca
Hippie - John Trujillo
Police Officer - Gregory Tutt
UCLA Student - Eric J. Van Wagoner
Self - Being Shot by Arthur Bremer (archive footage) - George Wallace
Crazed New Haven Fan - Dan Zukovic