I had a friend Oh for chrissake
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I had a friend... pathetic, lonely, despairing! That's nice, isn't it? I beg your pardon....

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I had a friend...
Oh by Christ's sake! I'm sick of your friends. A motley crew they are: pathetic, lonely, despairing!
That's nice, isn't it?
I beg your pardon. Uncalled for! Count myself as your friend!
Never despairing!
I have apologized!
Never, NEVER despairing! Well perhaps, sometimes at night, or at Christmas, when you can't get a job in a pantomime! But not once inside the building! Never! Pathetic maybe, but not ungrateful. Too mindful of one's lot, as the saying goes. No duke is more privy t'is beauty, he is spring and summer! Here pain is bearable. And never lonely, not here. For he today, that sheds his blood with me... Soft no doubt, sensitive, that's my nature; easily hurt, that's a virtue. I'm not here for reasons of my own either. No-one could accuse me of base motive. I got what I want! I don't need anyone to know it. Inadequate? Yes! But never NEVER, despairing!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.372
I had a friend Oh for chrissake
00:00:03.544 --> 00:00:05.584
I'm sick of your friends
00:00:05.755 --> 00:00:11.259
A motley crew they are Pathetic Ionely despairing
00:00:11.552 --> 00:00:15.135
That's nice isn't it I beg your pardon Uncalled for
00:00:15.306 --> 00:00:18.223
Count myself as your friend Never despairing
00:00:18.434 --> 00:00:19.976
I have apologized
00:00:20.186 --> 00:00:21.081
Never never despairing
00:00:21.979 --> 00:00:26.143
Well perhaps sometimes at night Or at Christmas when you can't get a job
00:00:26.317 --> 00:00:30.073
in a pantomime But not once inside the building Never
00:00:30.905 --> 00:00:35.152
Pathetic maybe but not ungrateful

Clip duration: 36 seconds
Views: 18
Timestamp in movie: 01:44:42
Uploaded: 05 April, 2022
Genres: drama
Summary: Personal assistant Norman struggles to get deteriorating veteran actor Sir through a difficult performance of King Lear.


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Norman - Tom Courtenay