The Elephant Man

The Elephant Man poster
Joseph "John" Merrick is an intelligent and friendly man, but he is hated by his Victorian-era English society because he is severely deformed. Once he is discovered by a doctor, however, he is saved from his life in a freak show and he is treated like the human being that he really is.

Director: David Lynch
Writer: Christopher De Vore (screenplay), Eric Bergren (screenplay), David Lynch (screenplay), Frederick Treves (book), Ashley Montagu (in part on the book "The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity")
Production: N/A
Year: 1980
MetaScore: 78/100
ImdbRating: 8.1
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 10 Oct 1980
Awards: Nominated for 8 Oscars. Another 10 wins & 13 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Frederick Treves - Anthony Hopkins
John Merrick - John Hurt
Mrs. Kendal - Anne Bancroft
Carr Gomm - John Gielgud
Mothershead - Wendy Hiller
Night Porter - Michael Elphick
Mrs. Treves - Hannah Gordon
Princess Alex - Helen Ryan
Bytes' Boy - Dexter Fletcher
Merrick's Mother - Phoebe Nicholls
Fairground Bobby - Pat Gorman
Fat Lady - Claire Davenport
Skeleton Man - Orla Pederson
Distraught Woman - Patsy Smart
Alderman - Frederick Treves
Fire Eater - Stromboli
Pierce - James Cormack
Messenger (as Robert Bush) - Robert Lewis Bush
Cabman - Roy Evans
Nurse Kathleen - Nula Conwell
Young Porter - Tony London
Milkman - Alfie Curtis
1st Fighting Woman - Bernadette Milnes
2nd Fighting Woman - Brenda Kempner
Tart (as Carole Harrison) - Carol Harrison
Broadneck - Hugh Manning
1st Committee Man - Dennis Burgess
Mrs. Kendal's Dresser - Fanny Carby
Man In Pub (as Morgan Sheppard) - William Morgan Sheppard
Lady Waddington - Kathleen Byron
Lord Waddington - Gerald Case
Man With Whores - David Ryall
1st Whore - Deirdre Costello
2nd Whore - Pauline Quirke
Plumed Dwarf - Kenny Baker
Midget - Marcus Powell
Midget - Gilda Cohen
Siamese Twin (as Lisa Scoble) - Lesley Scoble
Siamese Twin - Teri Scoble
Japanese Bleeder - Eiji Kusuhara
Little Jim - Robert Day
Screaming Mum - Patricia Hodge
First Bobby - Tommy Wright
Second Bobby - Peter Davidson
King In Panto - John Rapley
Puss In Panto - Hugh Spight
Princess In Panto - Teresa Codling
Principal Boy - Marion Betzold
Lion / Coachman - Victor Kravchenko
Fairy - Beryl Hicks
Horse - Michele Amas
Horse - Lucie Alford
Horse - Penny Wright
Horse - Janie Kells
Merrick's Mother - Lydia Lisle
Man at Lecture - Jack Armstrong
Bystander - Frances Baker
Lyra Box Player #1 - Eric Bergren
Kid at Train Station - Adam Caine
Woman in Pub - Ina Clare
Thug from Pub - Tony Clarkin
Man in crowd - Dave Cooper
Lyra Box Player #2 - Christopher De Vore
Policeman - Harry Fielder
Man in Pub - Chick Fowles
Doctor - Norman Gay
Lecture Assistant - George Holdcroft
Committee Member - Juba Kennerley
Pub Patron - Cyril Kent
Man in the Bowler Hat in the Mob Chasing Merrick - David Lynch
Man at Lecture - Jay McGrath
Young aristocrat - Ralph G. Morse
Man at Lecture - Henry Roberts
Drunken Docker - Peter Ross-Murray
Kid at Train Station #2 - Kevin Schumm
Courtier - Ian Selby
Committee Member - Guy Standeven
Lecture Assistant - Reg Thomason
Injured Man - Fred Wood