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The Enforcer quotes

The Enforcer poster
A crusading district attorney finally gets a chance to prosecute the organizer and boss of Murder Inc.

Director: Bretaigne Windust, Raoul Walsh
Writer: Martin Rackin
Production: N/A
Year: 1951
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.3
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 24 Feb 1951
Awards: N/A

14 Clips & Quotes


Dist. Atty. Martin Ferguson - Humphrey Bogart
Big Babe Lazick - Zero Mostel
Joseph Rico - Ted de Corsia
Albert Mendoza - Everett Sloane
Capt. Frank Nelson - Roy Roberts
James (Duke) Malloy - Michael Tolan
Sgt. Whitlow - King Donovan
Herman (as Robert Steele) - Bob Steele
Olga Kirshen - Adelaide Klein
Thomas O'Hara - Don Beddoe
Tony Vetto - Tito Vuolo
Vince - John Kellogg
Philadelphia Tom Zaca - Jack Lambert
Police Records Clerk - Richard Bartell
Ambulance Attendant - Chet Brandenburg
Landlady - Helen Brown
Undetermined Secondary Role - Benny Burt
Nina Lombardo - Susan Cabot
Police Lab Chemist - Steve Carruthers
Digger - Danny Dayton
Police Detective in Lab - Sayre Dearing
Policeman - Tom Dillon
Sgt. James Dolan - Ralph Dunn
Jail Keeper - Art Dupuis
Ambulance Attendant - Charles Ferguson
Shorty Schultz - Alan Foster
Police Chemist - Tim Graham
Mrs. Lazich - Greta Granstedt
Landlady - replaced by Helen Brown - Eula Guy
Music Store Clerk - Creighton Hale
Policeman - Chuck Hamilton
Teenager - Patricia Hayes
Teresa Davis - Patricia Joiner
Intern - Pete Kellett
Detective at Precinct House - Fred Kelsey
Angela as a Child - Karen Kester
Detective - Mike Lally
Police Sergeant - Perc Launders
Louis Lazick - Louis Lettieri
Sad Eyes - Undertaker - Edwin Max
State Asylum Doctor - John Maxwell
Detective Frank - Philo McCullough
Police Officer - David McMahon
Medical Examiner - George Meader
Fire Chief - Howard M. Mitchell
Policeman - Jay Morley
Police Detective - Jack Mower
Passerby on Street - Paul Panzer
Intern - Barry Regan
The Mayor - Dan Riss
Louis - Vetto's Barber - Mario Siletti
Secretary - Robert Strong
Police Chauffeur - Brick Sullivan
Gangster - Chalky Williams
B.J. - Herman's Sidekick - Harry Wilson
Passerby - Tom Wilson
Fireman Finding Body - Bud Wolfe