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Really? That's disgusting! What? What? Do you think that is cool? Or something? You just...

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Hazel Grace Lancaster:
Really? That's disgusting!
Augustus Waters:
Hazel Grace Lancaster:
What? Do you think that is cool? Or something? You just ruined the whole thing.
Augustus Waters:
The whole thing?
Hazel Grace Lancaster:
Yes, this whole thing.
Hazel Grace Lancaster:
Even though you have freaking cancer, you are willing to give money to corporation for a chance to acquire even more cancer? Let me just assure you that not being able to breathe? SUCKS. Totally disappointing. Totally.
Augustus Waters:
They don't kill you unless you light them. And I've never lit one. It's a metaphor, see: you put the killing thing right between your teeth, but you don't give it the power to do its killing. A metaphor.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.989
00:00:02.012 --> 00:00:03.281
That is disgusting
00:00:03.084 --> 00:00:04.841
00:00:04.092 --> 00:00:07.287
What do you think that that's cool or something
00:00:07.044 --> 00:00:08.072
You just ruined this whole thing
00:00:08.008 --> 00:00:10.045
The whole thing Yes this whole thing
00:00:10.064 --> 00:00:11.926
Oh man
00:00:12.002 --> 00:00:14.123
Ugh And you were doing really well too
00:00:14.006 --> 00:00:17.285
God There's always a hamartia isn't there
00:00:17.048 --> 00:00:19.642
And yours is even though you had freaking cancer
00:00:19.008 --> 00:00:21.068
you're willing to give money to a corporation
00:00:21.704 --> 00:00:23.911
for the chance to acquire even more cancer
00:00:24.028 --> 00:00:26.965
Let me just tell you that not being able to breathe sucks
00:00:27.016 --> 00:00:28.065
It totally sucks
00:00:28.008 --> 00:00:29.961
00:00:31.016 --> 00:00:32.685
It's a fatal flaw
00:00:32.084 --> 00:00:34.365
Ah a fatal
00:00:34.064 --> 00:00:35.641
Hazel Grace

Clip duration: 37 seconds
Views: 161
Timestamp in movie: 00h 11m 53s
Uploaded: 19 March, 2022
Genres: drama, romance
Summary: Two teenage cancer patients begin a life-affirming journey to visit a reclusive author in Amsterdam.


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