"The Flesh and the Fiends" quotes

The Flesh and the Fiends poster
In 1828 Scotland, Edinburgh surgeon Dr. Knox does medical research on cadavers he buys from murderers Burke and Hare, without questioning the unethical procurement methods.

Director: John Gilling
Writer: John Gilling, Leon Griffiths
Production: N/A
Genre: crime, drama, horror
Year: 1960
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 7.0
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 04 Nov 1960
Awards: N/A

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Dr. Robert Knox - Peter Cushing
Martha Knox - June Laverick
William Hare - Donald Pleasence
William Burke - George Rose
Helen Burke - Renee Houston
Dr. Geoffrey Mitchell - Dermot Walsh
Mary Patterson - Billie Whitelaw
Chris Jackson - John Cairney
Daft Jamie - Melvyn Hayes
Maggie O'Hara - June Powell
Inspector McCulloch - Andrew Faulds
Dr. Elliott - Philip Leaver
Dr. Ferguson - George Woodbridge
Dr. Andrews - Garard Green
Aggie - Esma Cannon
Old Davey - Geoffrey Tyrrell
Blind Man - George Bishop
Old Angus - Beckett Bould
Publican - George Street
Drunken Sailor - Michael Balfour
Grave Robber - Steven Scott
Grave Robber - Raf De La Torre
Medical Student - Steven Berkoff
Man in Market - Ted Carroll
Merry Duke Patron - Jimmy Charters
Student - Paul Craig
Student - Glyn Dearman
Man in Mob Hecklling Knox - Arthur Dibbs
Stallholder - Moris Farhi
Minuet Dancer - Janice Field
Minuet Dancer - Norman Fisher
Priest - Ian Fleming
Clerk of the Court - Eric Francis
Minuet Dancer - Dorothy Grumbar
Member of Medical Council - Victor Harrington
Man in Crowd - George Holdcroft
Artist's Friend - Robert Hunter
Minuet Dancer - Vivienne Lacey
Minuet Dancer - Ann Lancaster
Man in Market - Anthony Lang
Tobias McIntosh (corpse) - Roy Lansford
Stallholder - Jack McNaughton
Mob Heckling Knox - John More
Minuet Dancer - Vernon Morris
Undertaker - Michael Mulcaster
Blowsy Woman - Sylvia Osborne
Mob Heckling Knox - Paul Phillips
Nightwatchman - Gordon Phillott
Member of Medical Council - Ernie Priest
Reverend Lincoln - John Rae
Medical Student - Terry Richards
Court Recorder - Arnold Schulkes
Merry Duke Patron - Jack Sharp
Policeman - Jack Silk
Policeman - Jeff Silk
Servant at Party - Paddy Smith
Town Crier - Charles Stanley
Smedley - Graham Stuart
Blonde - Hazel Sutton
Guard - John Tatham
Brothel Customer - Jim Tyson
Minuet Dancer - Don Vernon
Merry Duke Patron - Billy Wilmot