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Striving to be a whiz-bang salesman and screwing up at every turn, Red Skelton turns in a genius comic performance inevitably getting into big trouble, impossible situations and a wild chase... Read all

Director: S. Sylvan Simon
Writer: Roy Huggins, Frank Tashlin, Devery Freeman
Production: Columbia Pictures Corporation
Year: 1948
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.9
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 01 Jun 1948
Awards: N/A

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Red Jones - Red Skelton
Ann Elliot - Janet Blair
Keenan Wallick - Don McGuire
Mildred Trist - Hillary Brooke
Miss Sharmley - Adele Jergens
Freddie Trist - Ross Ford
Sara Franzen - Trudy Marshall
Commissioner Gordon Trist - Nicholas Joy
Gregory Cruckston - Donald Curtis
Police Lt. Quint - Arthur Space
Pretty Girl - Abigail Adams
Det. Ferguson - Stanley Andrews
Pretty Girl - Mary Bayless
Secretary - Stephen Bennett
Gardener - Paul E. Burns
Pretty Girl - Anne Burr
Cop in Park - Cliff Clark
Blackie - Chick Collins
Police Desk Sergeant - Kernan Cripps
Chess-Playing Club Member - Jay Eaton
Pretty Girl - Virginia Engels
Junior's Grandmother - Verna Felton
Beaver Patrol Leader - Mary Field
Henchman - Joe Gilbert
Henchman - Chuck Hamilton
Tenement Woman with Baby Buggy - Mary Adams Hayes
Lover in Car - Nan Holliday
Junior - Jimmy Hunt
Henry Seward - Selmer Jackson
Policeman in Park - Thomas E. Jackson
Plainclothesman - Virgil Johansen
Herman - Billy Jones
Police Photographer - Charles Jordan
Limping Fuller Brush Man - Donald Kerr
Irate Radio Listener - Frank LaRue
Williams - Jimmy Lloyd
Billings - James Logan
Interrogation Room Cop - George Magrill
Pretty Girl - Vivian Mason
Card-Playing Wife - Nita Mathews
Chess-Playing Club Member - Frank Mayo
Bald Man - Alex Melesh
Pretty Girl - Peggy Miller
Det. Foster - Roger Moore
Police Announcer - William Newell
District Attorney - Rod O'Connor
Creamy - Garry Owen
Fire Captain - Lee Phelps
Card-Playing Husband - Allen Ray
Bartender - Fred F. Sears
Skitch - David Sharpe
Beaver Patrol Member - Susan Simon
Trist's Maid - Ann Staunton
Lover in Car - Michael Towne
Gardener - Harry Tyler
Irate Radio Listener's Wife - Dorothy Vernon
Police Doctor - Emmett Vogan
Police Sergeant - Dick Wessel
Jiggers - Bud Wolfe
Pretty Girl - Judith Woodbury