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So how pregnant are you Peaches

Soon after our trip, I resigned as his caregiver, but continued on as his friend. Two...

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[typing his book]
Soon after our trip, I resigned as his caregiver, but continued on as his friend. Two weeks ago, when I went to visit Trevor on his 21st birthday, I found him lying on the floor of his bedroom, finally at peace. The new caregiver, a kind woman in her 60s named Anna, was sobbing. She, like me, knew just how special he was. He was faking, of course. Anna quit the next day.


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So how pregnant are you Peaches
00:00:03.961 --> 00:00:08.299
Uh just a few more weeks until baby Elton joins the world
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I'm naming him after his father
00:00:11.177 --> 00:00:14.043
Is Elton's father in Nebraska Afghanistan
00:00:14.514 --> 00:00:17.391
Really He's a soldier Yes
00:00:17.475 --> 00:00:21.395
Private First Class U S Army Second tour
00:00:21.479 --> 00:00:24.524
He just got deployed again It kind of took us all by surprise
00:00:24.607 --> 00:00:27.902
So I'm scurrying back to Nebraska to be with my mom
00:00:27.985 --> 00:00:29.082
Did he see any action when he was there the first time
00:00:29.904 --> 00:00:33.616
Oh yeah But he wouldn't want me talking about it
00:00:33.699 --> 00:00:35.535
Oh you have to It's what you do on the road

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Uploaded: 19 March, 2022
Genres: comedy, drama
Summary: Having suffered a tragedy, Ben becomes a caregiver to earn money. His first client, Trevor, is a hilarious 18-year-old with muscular dystrophy. One paralyzed emotionally, one paralyzed physically, Ben and Trevor hit the road on a trip into the western states. The folks they collect along the way will help them test their skills for surviving outside their calculated existence. Together, they come to understand the importance of hope and the necessity of true friendship.


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