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Now, what are you up to? What does it look like I'm up to? Well, it looks like you're...

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[the family are all seated in the cabin's living room and Roman notices Chet at the fireplace]
Now, what are you up to?
What does it look like I'm up to?
Well, it looks like you're wanking your crank.
I'm trying to get a fire going, all right?
Well, you might as well pour ice cubes in there. You're never gonna get a fire going that way. You don't crumple a newspaper up.
[making jerking motions]

You twist it! Twist it! Lengthwise to stimulate kindling. That's how you get it going.
Maybe, Roman, just maybe, I'm trying to heat the flue.
[to the others, sarcastically]
Oh, he's heating the flue. Meanwhile, the human beings in the room are freezing to death.
Connie Ripley:
I'm not really cold. Not at all.
Kate Craig:
[sarcastic, to Connie]
Oh, thank you for sharing that. Thank you.
I'm SO sorry, Roman, forgive me. Why don't you come over here and show me how it's done? You talk a great game. Come on, let's see a little action. After all, you know everything. You know exactly what to do at any given moment.
[insulted, to Kate]
Katie, you were absolutely right. We should have gone to Europe or maybe even Haiti, or Antartica, or the Dead Sea! Would've had a LOT more fun!
[gets up and walks to the other side of the room]

Is that a fact? Well, nobody forced you to come up HERE, buddy boy. In fact, I don't remember anyone inviting you up here.
[to Connie]

Do you remember inviting him? I sure as hell don't.
[walking towards Chet]
And what exactly is that statement supposed to mean?
You figure it out for yourself.
No, no, you specify, you clarify Just as a common courtesy, if you don't mind.
[to Roman, without looking up from her sewing]
You know damn well what he means.
Connie Ripley:
I think what they're trying to say that we're not welcome!
Oh-ho, what did I hear? We've got a bingo! You DID figure it out, Kate!
So, it's all starting to finally ooze out. It's very interesting, though, isn't it, Katie?
Yeah, VERY!
Especially, since we threw aside OUR plans, and we had a great European vacation planned, threw aside OUR plans to come up here to show these dead-asses how to start learning to have a good time! Thanks a lot for ruining my vacation, Ripley.
[while trying to light a match, he breaks it in anger]
What WAS that? Ruining your vacation, is that what you said? Oh, come on, I DON'T believe, I don't believe I heard you say THAT.
[jabs his finger to Chet's chest]
You'd BETTER believe it!
[jabbing his finger hard into Roman's chest]
You ain't even seen PUSHING yet! You know what the trouble is with you, Ripley? You wouldn't know a good time if it fell out of the sky, landed on your face, and started to wiggle!
Oh, you got an awful lot of nerve, Roman. A lot of nerve.
Serves me well. I'M the one with the Mercedes.
[egging Roman on]
Oh! Ah!
By the way, is it paid for?
Are you jealous, CHESTER?
[jabs his finger into Roman's chest]
DON'T call me Chester! You call me that one more time, you'll be going home with a dent in your forehead!
Kate Craig:
[stands up to join Roman]
Oh-ho, yeah, that'll be the day!
Kate Craig:
[to Kate]
Would you like one to match his?
Hey, take your hands off her!
[puts up his fists]

Buck Ripley:
[steps in to separate them]
Dad, Dad, it's okay. Nobody's denting anybody.
Thanks, Bucky.
Buck Ripley:
[takes off his scarf and throws into Roman's hands]
Oh, bite the big one, Uncle Roman!
Connie Ripley:
[to Buck, scolding]
Hey, don't talk to adults that way!
Buck Ripley:
[to Connie]
Why not?
[to Buck]
BECAUSE it's rude!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:02.005
What was that
00:00:03.586 --> 00:00:05.092
Ruining your vacation Is that what you said
00:00:06.999 --> 00:00:07.038
Oh come on
00:00:08.382 --> 00:00:11.176
I don't believe I don't believe I heard you say that
00:00:11.026 --> 00:00:12.969
You'd better believe it
00:00:13.054 --> 00:00:14.471
Don't push it Roman
00:00:14.555 --> 00:00:16.765
You ain't even seen pushing yet
00:00:16.849 --> 00:00:18.433
You know the trouble with you Ripley
00:00:18.517 --> 00:00:19.476
You wouldn't know a good time
00:00:19.056 --> 00:00:22.562
if it fell out of the sky landed on your face and started to wiggle
00:00:23.981 --> 00:00:27.999
Oh you have an awful lot of nerve Roman A lot of nerve
00:00:27.109 --> 00:00:29.361
It's served me well I'm the one with the Mercedes
00:00:29.445 --> 00:00:30.612
Ooh Ah
00:00:30.696 --> 00:00:32.864
By the way is it paid for
00:00:32.948 --> 00:00:34.699
Are you jealous Chester
00:00:34.784 --> 00:00:36.001
Don't call me Chester
00:00:36.016 --> 00:00:39.162
Call me that one more time you're gonna go home with a dent in your forehead
00:00:39.246 --> 00:00:41.331
Yeah That'll be the day
00:00:41.415 --> 00:00:42.624
Would you like one to match his
00:00:42.708 --> 00:00:45.251
Hey take your hands off her You wanna go right now
00:00:45.336 --> 00:00:47.754
Dad Dad Dad no one's denting anybody
00:00:48.026 --> 00:00:49.999
Thanks Bucky
00:00:49.173 --> 00:00:50.799
Oh bite the big one Uncle Roman
00:00:50.883 --> 00:00:53.003
Hey don't talk to adults that way
00:00:53.001 --> 00:00:54.844
Why not Because it's rude

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Uploaded: 22 November, 2022
Genres: comedy
Summary: A Chicago man and his family go camping with his obnoxious brother-in-law.


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