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The Greatest Game Ever Played quotes

The Greatest Game Ever Played poster
Filmed at the Kanawaki Golf Club outside Montreal, Quebec. The producers had the white clubhouse painted yellow for the film. Members liked the change so much they kept the color after filming.GoofsDuring the playoff, Harry Vardon's ball blocks Francis Ouimet's ball's path on the green, a play called a "stymie." That only applied to singles match play. The playoff for the 1913 US Open was medal (stroke) play, and the stymie rule would not have applied. The USGA eliminated that rule in 1952.QuotesEddie Lowery: Easy peasy lemon squeasy.ConnectionsFeatured in Siskel & Ebert & the Movies: Into the Blue/Serenity/The Greatest Game Ever Played/Mirrormask/Capote/The Prizewinner of Defiance, Ohio (2005)Soundtracks

Director: Bill Paxton
Writer: Mark Frost
Production: Walt Disney Pictures
Year: 2005
MetaScore: 55/100
ImdbRating: 7.4
BoxOffice: $15,337,393
Released: 30 Sep 2005
Awards: 3 nominations

9 Clips & Quotes


Young Harry Vardon - James Paxton
Black Top Hatted Man - Tom Rack
Black Top Hatted Man - Armand Laroche
Black Top Hatted Man - Peter Hurley
Black Top Hatted Man - Gregory Terlecki
Embry Wallis - Jonathan Higgins
Young Francis Ouimet - Matthew Knight
Alec Campbell - Luke Askew
Young Sarah Wallis - Amanda Tilson
Arthur Ouimet - Elias Koteas
Young Louise Ouimet - Jamie Merling
Young Raymond Ouimet - Eugenio Esposito
Mary Ouimet - Marnie McPhail
Harry Vardon - Stephen Dillane
Bernard Darwin - Robin Wilcock
Lord Northcliffe - Peter Firth
Lord Bullock - Michael Sinelnikoff
Francis Ouimet - Shia LaBeouf
Ted Hastings - Justin Ashforth
Club Secretary - Arthur Holden
Stedman Comstock - Len Cariou
Sarah Wallis - Peyton List
Phillip Wainwright - Nicolas Wright
Freddie Wallis - Max Kasch
Mrs. Wallis - Danette Mackay
Wilfred Reid - George Asprey
Ted Ray - Stephen Marcus
Piano Player - Joe Jackson
Frank Hoyt - Luke Kirby
Walter Gibbs - Tim Peper
Soprano - Dawn Upshaw
Robert Watson - James Bradford
Assistant Pro - Marc James Beauchamp
John McDermott - Michael Weaver
Northcliffe's Valet - Pierre Boudreau
Eddie Lowery - Josh Flitter
Wallis' Butler - Dennis St John
Vernon's Caddy - Tommy - Terry Reid
Ted's Caddy - Stephen Spreekmeester
Comstock's Assistant - Philip Pretten
McDermot's Caddy - Patrick Whitebean
President Taft - Walter Massey
Reid's Escort - Melissa Carter
Reid's Escort - Melanie Beaulne
Raymond Ouimet - J. Thibodeau
Louise Ouimet - Alexina Cowan
Wallis' Chauffeur - Frank Fontaine
Office Worker - Marcel Jeannin
Irish Crew Boss - Charles S. Doucet
Know-It-All Gallery Member - Brian Wrench
Know-It-All Girlfriend - Nicole Braber
Vardon's Assistant - Kyle MacDougall
Runner - Jesse Rath
Bartender - Domenico Salvaggio
Gallery Member - Howard Ryshpan
Copy Boy - Jamie Scavone
Man Passing By - Paul Cagelet
Shirley - Landlady - Loni Ackerman
Ragtag Caddie - Alexis del Vecchio
US PGA Pro - Joe DeMarco
Jack Lowery - Johnny Griffin
US PGA marshal - David Rigby