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Put it this way

Put it this way, now. Say I rent to a woman, well, she has to have a room with a bath. I insist on it, because otherwise she's got the hall bath tied up all the time, washing her goddamn hair and her clothes and everything she can think of...
If you keep out the women in the first place, see, you keep out the hookers, and then you keep out the cops, and that's how you have a clean place.

Put it this way.
Say I rent to a woman.
She has to have a room
with a bath...
otherwise she's got
the whoIe bath tied up...
washing her goddamn hair
and cIothes and anything eIse.
I had my first hoteI 37 years ago
in Wichita FaIIs, Texas...
and that's when I Iearned
about women.
They don't make the money
for a pIace Iike this.
Not reguIar, they don't.
There's onIy one way they can get it.
By seIIing their seIf.
Tapping them cute IittIe piggy banks
they aII got.
- Mr. DiIIon.
- Mr. Simms.
Here's a potentiaI neighbor
of yours.
- Mrs. Langtry may drop by.
- I'II send her right up.
That's the fine type of person
I have in mind for here Iike yourseIf.
Don't you wanna see me?
- No, honey, I can't go there.
- What did you have in mind?
- You can be here in 20 minutes.
- I don't know, Roy.
There's traffic downtown.
It'II take about an hour to get to you.
In a minute.

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Movie: The Grifters
Year: 1990
Genres: crime, drama, thriller
Summary: A small-time conman has torn loyalties between his estranged mother and new girlfriend, both of whom are high-stakes grifters with their own angles to play.

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