What's your name

Hello, what's your name? Alice, but my mommy said not to talk to you. Why would she say...

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Jane Hardy:
[leaving the grocery store]
Hello, what's your name?
Alice, but my mommy said not to talk to you.
Jane Hardy:
Why would she say that?
Because you live in the funny house.
Jane Hardy:
Oh, my house is funny, is it? What's so funny about it?
It's haunted, and you're a ghost!


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:01.667
What's your name
00:00:02.989 --> 00:00:02.668
00:00:03.998 --> 00:00:04.879
But my mommy told me not to say hello to you
00:00:05.213 --> 00:00:07.048
Now why would she tell you that
00:00:07.381 --> 00:00:09.509
Because you live in the funny house
00:00:09.842 --> 00:00:12.178
I live in a funny house do I
00:00:14.347 --> 00:00:15.681
What's so funny about my house
00:00:16.001 --> 00:00:18.559
It's haunted and you're a ghost

Clip duration: 27 seconds
Views: 24
Timestamp in movie: 00h 31m 06s
Uploaded: 23 November, 2022
Genres: drama, horror, thriller
Summary: A schoolteacher moves into her deceased aunt's home in a small town, only to find herself plagued by supernatural occurrences and unexplained hostility from the local townspeople connected to her aunt's past.


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Jane Hardy - Trish Van Devere