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"The Invisible Man Returns" quotes

The Invisible Man Returns poster
The owner of a coal mining operation, falsely imprisoned for fratricide, takes a drug to make him invisible, despite its side effect: gradual madness.

Director: Joe May
Writer: H.G. Wells, Joe May, Curt Siodmak
Production: Universal Pictures
Year: 1940
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 12 Jan 1940
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. 2 nominations total

3 Clips


Richard Cobb - Cedric Hardwicke
Geoffrey Radcliffe - Vincent Price
Helen Manson - Nan Grey
Doctor Frank Griffin - John Sutton
Sampson - Cecil Kellaway
Willie Spears - Alan Napier
Ben Jenkins - Forrester Harvey
Minor Role - Ernie Adams
Plainclothesman - Jimmy Aubrey
Fight Spectator - Walter Bacon
Woman - Clara Blore
Minor Role - Stanley Blystone
Policeman - Matthew Boulton
Policeman - Ed Brady
Miner at Colliery - Chet Brandenburg
Griffin's Secretary - Louise Brien
Minor Role - Charles Brokaw
Minor Role - Jean Brooks
Miner at Colliery - Tom Coleman
Minor Role - Frank Coletti
Miner Saying 'Keep the Wig on Willie' - Harry Cording
Detective - Paul England
Constable Briggs - Rex Evans
Passerby at Willie's House - Mary Field
Prison Governor - Edward Fielding
Detective - Raoul Freeman
Cookie, the Cook - Mary Gordon
Minor Role - Sidney Grayler
Miner at Colliery - Kit Guard
Miner at Colliery - Bobbie Hale
Minor Role - Barry Hays
Policeman - Frank Hill
Chauffeur - Leyland Hodgson
Secretary - Hugh Huntley
Miner at Radcliffe Colliery - George Hyde
Miner at Radcliffe Colliery - Ellis Irving
Minor Role - Boyd Irwin
Miner at Colliery - Dick Johnstone
Plainclothesman - Colin Kenny
Miner at Radcliffe Colliery - George Kirby
Chaplain - Bruce Lester
Miner at Radcliffe Colliery - George Lloyd
Miner at Colliery - Jack Low
Miner at Radcliffe Colliery - Edmund MacDonald
Minor Role - William Newell
Constable at Coal Train - Frank O'Connor
Clinic Nurse - Frances Robinson
Miner at Colliery - Robert Robinson
Mr. Cotton - Ivan F. Simpson
Constable Tewsbury - Harry Stubbs
Miner at Radcliffe Colliery - Denis Tankard
Policeman - Cyril Thornton
Minor Role - Crane Whitley
Fingerprint Expert - Eric Wilton