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"The Jerk" quotes

The Jerk poster
A simpleminded, sheltered country boy suddenly decides to leave his family home to experience life in the big city, where his naivete is both his best friend and his worst enemy.

Director: Carl Reiner
Writer: Steve Martin (screenplay), Carl Gottlieb (screenplay), Michael Elias (screenplay), Steve Martin (story), Carl Gottlieb (story)
Production: Universal Pictures
Genre: comedy
Year: 1979
MetaScore: 61/100
ImdbRating: 7.2
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 14 Dec 1979
Awards: 1 nomination.

41 Clips & Quotes


Navin - Steve Martin
Patty Bernstein - Catlin Adams
Mother - Mabel King
Father - Richard Ward
Stan Fox - Bill Macy
Frosty - Dick O'Neill
Hobart - Maurice Evans
Elvira - Renn Woods
Punk #1 - Pepe Serna
Blues Singer - Sonny Terry
Blues Singer (as Brownie McGee) - Brownie McGhee
Harry Hartounian - Jackie Mason
Bank Manager - David Landsberg
Father De Cordoba - Domingo Ambriz
Con Man - Richard Foronjy
Con Man - Lenny Montana
Iron Balls McGinty - Carl Gottlieb
Announcer - Clete Roberts
Grandma Johnson - Frances E. Williams
Cleotis Johnson - Lydia McGhee
Satch Johnson - Niko Denise Holmes
Pierre Johnson - Shawn Harris
Leroy Johnson (as Niles Harris) - Nyles Harris
Lisa Johnson - Susan Denise Harrison
Mrs. Hartounian - Sharon Johansen
Bride - Alston Ahern
Father of Bride - Lawrence Green
Carnival Rube - Ken Magee
Tourist - Tom J. Delaney
Irving - Alfred Dennis
Farm Boy - Marc Loge
Billy - Jon Leichter
Tillie - Lillian Adams
Voodoo Dancer - Joe Lynn
French Waiter - Maurice Marsac
Con Man (as Gene Lebell) - Gene LeBell
Con Man - Fred Lerner
Man in Garden - Jerry G. Velasco
Disco Party - Kimberly Cameron
Disco Party - Elizabeth Macey
Disco Party - Richie Reiner
Disco Party - Daniel Trevor
Carl Reiner The Celebrity - Carl Reiner
Extra in 'Cat Juggling' Scene - Luis Contreras
Minor Role - Raven Grey Eagle
Circus Hand - Larry Hankin
Carnival Worker - Howard Hesseman
Bag Lady - Flower Parry
Truck Driver Picking Up Navin - Rob Reiner
Guy with Cracked Airplane Seats - Gailard Sartain
Judge M.A. Loring - William Schallert