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Rupert Pupkin is obsessed with becoming a comedy great. However, when he confronts his idol, talk show host Jerry Langford, with a plea to perform on the Jerry's show, he is only given the run-around. He does not give up, however, but persists in stalking Jerry until he gets what he wants. Eventually he must team up with his psychotic Langford-obsessed friend Masha to kidnap the talk show host in hopes of finally getting to perform his stand-up routine.

Director: Martin Scorsese
Writer: Paul D. Zimmerman
Production: Fox
Year: 1982
MetaScore: 73/100
ImdbRating: 7.8
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 18 Dec 1982
Awards: Won 1 BAFTA Film Award. Another 2 wins & 7 nominations.

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Rupert Pupkin - Robert De Niro
Jerry Langford - Jerry Lewis
Rita Keane - Diahnne Abbott
Ed Herlihy - Ed Herlihy
Band Leader - Lou Brown
Stage Door Fan - Loretta Tupper
Stage Door Fan - Peter Potulski
Stage Door Fan - Vinnie Gonzales
Stage Door Guard - Whitey Ryan
Chauffeur - Doc Lawless
Young Girl - Marta Heflin
Autograph Seeker - Katherine Wallach
Autograph Seeker - Charles Kaleina
Caricaturist - Richard Baratz
Rupert's Mom - Catherine Scorsese
Dolores - Cathy Scorsese
Man in Chinese Restaurant (as Chuck L. Low) - Chuck Low
Liza Minnelli - Liza Minnelli
Roberta Posner - Leslie Levinson
Man at Telephone - Alan Potashnick
Man at Telephone - Michael Kolba
Man at Telephone - Robert Colston
Man at Telephone - Ramon Rodriguez
Man at Telephone - Chuck Coop
Man at Telephone - Sel Vitella
Receptionist - Margo Winkler
Mr. Gangemi - Tony Boschetti
Cathy Long - Shelley Hack
Street Scum - Mick Jones
Street Scum - Joe Strummer
Street Scum (as Paul Simmion) - Paul Simonon
Street Scum - Kosmo Vinyl
Street Scum - Ellen Foley
Street Scum - Pearl Harbour
Street Scum - Gary Salter
Street Scum - Jerry Baxter-Worman
Street Scum (as Dom Letts) - Don Letts
Cabbie - Matt Russo
Woman in Telephone Booth - Thelma Lee
Dr. Joyce Brothers (as Dr. Joyce Brothers) - Joyce Brothers
Mystery Guest - George Kapp
Victor Borge - Victor Borge
Raymond Wirtz - Ralph Monaco
Security Guard - Rob-Jamere Wess
Jonno - Kim Chan
Bert Thomas - Frederick De Cordova
Wilson Crockett - Edgar J. Scherick
Gerrity - Thomas M. Tolan
Giardello - Ray Dittrich
Captain Burke - Richard Dioguardi
Langford's Lawyer - Jay Julien
Langford's Agent (as Harry Ufland) - Harry J. Ufland
Crockett's Secretary - Scotty Bloch
Ticket Taker - Jim Lyness
Clarence McCabe - Bill Minkin
McCabe's Wife - Diane Rachell
Plainclothesman - Dennis Mulligan
Plainclothesman - Tony Devon
Plainclothesman - Peter Fain
Plainclothesman - Michael F. Stodden
Plainclothesman (as Jerry Murphy) - Gerard Murphy
Stage Manager - Jimmy Raitt
TV Director - Martin Scorsese
Tony Randall - Tony Randall
First Man at Bar - Charles Scorsese
Second Man at Bar - Mardik Martin
Newsman (voice) (as William Jorgensen) - Bill Jorgensen
Newsman (voice) - Marvin Scott
Newsman (voice) - Chuck Stevens
Newsman (voice) - William Litauer
Announcer - Jeff David
Audience Member - Allan Baker
Office Assistant - Diane Baldessari
Girlfriend at Bar - Margaret Briggs Brooks
Extra in crowd scene - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
Man on Street - William G. Schilling
Talk Show Contestant - Mike Tremont