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I always say the same thing and I'm gonna keep on saying it

Alan, let me say something I always say and I'm gonna keep on saying. And that is that I...

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[Governor Hardin and David Gale are engaged in a debate on Batter's Box]

Governor Hardin:
Alan, let me say something I always say and I'm gonna keep on saying. And that is that I HATE killin'. That's why my administration is willing to kill to stop it.
David Gale:
So, you don't subscribe to the idea that 'a good state is the one that protects its most despised members?'
Governor Hardin:
It's a nice liberal idea. But, like most nice liberal ideas, naive.
David Gale:
It's a quote from you, Governor. From your first state attorney campaign
Governor Hardin:
You've got me, Professor. But let me, in my defense, offer YOU a quote. Winston Churchill: 'If you're not a liberal at twenty, you have no heart, if you're still a liberal at thirty, you've got no brain.'
[studio audience laughs]

David Gale:
So, basically, you feel, to choose another quote, 'society must be cleansed of elements which represent its own death.'
Governor Hardin:
Well, yes. I'd have to agree.

Governor Hardin:
Did I say that too?
David Gale:
No, that was Hitler.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:04.022
I always say the same thing and I'm gonna keep on saying it
00:00:04.295 --> 00:00:07.072
I hate killing and my administration will kill to stop it
00:00:08.632 --> 00:00:09.633
How about it
00:00:09.717 --> 00:00:12.971
Murderers are not deterred by the thought of execution
00:00:13.001 --> 00:00:16.182
You know it Every single study done on the subject
00:00:16.265 --> 00:00:18.438
and there's been over 200 you've read them
00:00:18.517 --> 00:00:20.519
has reached the same conclusion
00:00:20.603 --> 00:00:22.401
Maybe you should read your Bible
00:00:22.479 --> 00:00:25.904
Deuteronomy 19 21 An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth
00:00:26.984 --> 00:00:28.736
What did Gandhi say about that
00:00:28.819 --> 00:00:32.369
The old law of an eye for an eye leaves us all blind
00:00:33.449 --> 00:00:36.419
I'm sorry and with respect that's fuzzy liberal thinking
00:00:36.493 --> 00:00:38.999
You believe that Of course
00:00:38.162 --> 00:00:40.026
Interesting 'cause you said it
00:00:40.164 --> 00:00:42.979
in a speech in your first campaign
00:00:42.075 --> 00:00:45.001
He got you there Governor How about it
00:00:45.001 --> 00:00:46.803
Yes he did
00:00:47.978 --> 00:00:49.598
If you're not a Liberal at 30 you've got no heart
00:00:49.673 --> 00:00:52.176
If you're still a Liberal at 40 you've got no brain
00:00:52.259 --> 00:00:53.306
That's Winston Churchill
00:00:53.427 --> 00:00:54.474
00:00:54.553 --> 00:00:56.647
What you're essentially saying is
00:00:56.764 --> 00:00:58.766
and this is to choose another quote

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Uploaded: 07 December, 2022
Genres: drama, thriller, crime
Summary: A man against capital punishment is accused of murdering a fellow activist and is sent to death row.


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Governor Hardin - Michael Crabtree
David Gale - Kevin Spacey