We have a pressing engagement

Welcome; welcome, friends. I brought champagne, but I do know think it will be enough for...

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Mayor of Colleville:
[meeting the British on the beach]
Welcome; welcome, friends. I brought champagne, but I do know think it will be enough for all of you.
Lord Lovat:
Quite alright. We have a pressing engagement; the war. Move inland.
[to his bagpiper]

Lord Lovat:
Millen, Blue Bonnett!
[as British troops march inland to the bagpipe playing of Millen, the mayor of Colleville raises his champagne bottle in salute, which earns the bemused observation of Clough and Flanagan]

Pvt. Clough:
[to Flanagan]
If you ask me, Flanagan, there are a lot of pretty peculiar blokes on this beach.


00:00:01.000 --> 00:00:03.294
Welcome to France Welcome to Colleville
00:00:03.503 --> 00:00:05.672
Most kind of you Very nice to meet you
00:00:05.922 --> 00:00:08.001
Look at this I kept it for you all
00:00:08.259 --> 00:00:11.001
But I don't think there will be enough for everyone
00:00:11.303 --> 00:00:15.392
Perhaps next time We have a previous engagement The war
00:00:16.393 --> 00:00:18.061
Mustn't lose that champagne
00:00:18.311 --> 00:00:21.044
All right men fall in Millin Blue Bonnet
00:00:23.067 --> 00:00:24.402
00:00:26.999 --> 00:00:28.907
Thank you boys Thank you
00:00:34.663 --> 00:00:37.417
Long live France Long live the Allies
00:00:38.626 --> 00:00:39.919
If you ask me Flanagan
00:00:40.128 --> 00:00:43.591
there's a lot of very peculiar blokes on this beach

Clip duration: 50 seconds
Views: 120
Timestamp in movie: 02h 03m 00s
Uploaded: 26 November, 2022
Genres: action, drama, history
Summary: The events of D-Day, told on a grand scale from both the Allied and German points of view.


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Mayor of Colleville - Bourvil
Lord Lovat - Peter Lawford
Pvt. Clough - Norman Rossington