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During World War I, in an unnamed country, a soldier named Tamino is sent by the Queen of the Night to rescue her daughter Pamina from the clutches of the supposedly evil Sarastro. But all i... Read all

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Writer: Emanuel Schikaneder, Kenneth Branagh, Stephen Fry
Production: N/A
Year: 2006
MetaScore: N/A/100
ImdbRating: 6.5
BoxOffice: N/A
Released: 13 Dec 2006
Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination

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Tamino - Joseph Kaiser
Pamina - Amy Carson
Papageno - Ben Davis
Papagena - Silvia Moi
Sarastro - René Pape
Queen of the Night - Lyubov Petrova
Monostatos - Tom Randle
The Old Papagena - Liz Smith
First Lady - Teuta Koço
Second Lady - Louise Callinan
Third Lady - Kim-Marie Woodhouse
First Boy - William Dutton
Second Boy - Luke Lampard
Third Boy - Jamie Manton
First Officer - Rodney Clarke
Second Officer - Charne Rochford
First Armed Man - Peter Wedd
Second Armed Man - Keel Watson
Communications Runner - Jonathan Broadbent
Sarastro's Guard - Paul Dinnen
Sarastro's Guard - Mark Hayden
Sabastro's Guard - Paul Chequer
Surrendering Queen's Soldier - Adam Shipley
Surrendering Queen's Soldier - Christopher Wren
Queen's Commander - Jimmy Yuill
Worn Torn Victim - Adrian Preater
Worn Torn Victim - Robert Barton
Worn Torn Victim - Ed Marsden
Worn Torn Victim - James Thorne
Sergeant Major - Gary MacKay
Papageno's Jailor - Brendan Patricks
Papageno's Jailor - Iain Stuart Robertson
Queen's Maid - Hattie Ladbury
Queen's Maid - Gemma Gray
Monostatos' Guard - Shane Armstrong
Monostatos' Maid - Amy Humphreys
Monostatos' Maid - Cristina Catalina
Sabastro's Captain - James Conlon
Featured Chorus - Sophie Adams
Featured Chorus - Charles Aitken
Featured Chorus - Catherine Alder
Featured Chorus - Aytunc Akdogu
Featured Chorus - Gemma Arrowsmith
Featured Chorus - Christen Asante
Featured Chorus - Lauren Atkins
Featured Chorus - Lawrence Broomfield
Featured Chorus - Florence Bailey
Featured Chorus - Brian Condon
Featured Chorus - Carol Capper
Featured Chorus - Denev Denjo
Featured Chorus - Naomi Charles
Featured Chorus - Andrew Dobbins
Featured Chorus - Karina Cornwell
Featured Chorus - Thomas Faulkner
Featured Chorus - Belinda Evans
Featured Chorus - Allan Frederiks
Featured Chorus - Briana Gibbins
Featured Chorus - Chris Grayson
Featured Chorus - Joanne Heald
Featured Chorus - Mark Morgan
Featured Chorus - Rebecca Hunt
Featured Chorus - Stephen Jeffrey
Featured Chorus - Margaret Jackson-Roberts
Featured Chorus - Cheyney Kent
Featured Chorus - Elenor Kleiner
Featured Chorus - Paul Knapp
Featured Chorus - Cindee Lee
Featured Chorus - Simon Brandon
Featured Chorus - Rachael Leggett
Featured Chorus - Menno Kuijper
Featured Chorus - Sarah-Jane Newson
Featured Chorus - Adam Linstead
Featured Chorus - Hope McNamara
Featured Chorus - Gareth Morris
Featured Chorus - Joanne Newson
Featured Chorus - Richard Plumley
Featured Chorus - Sarah Pearman
Featured Chorus - Kelyon Rose
Featured Chorus - Katherine Shirley
Featured Chorus - James Sherwood
Featured Chorus - Sarah Strachan
Featured Chorus - Christopher Stone
Featured Chorus - Curson Tussaud
Featured Chorus - Tim Soper
Featured Chorus - Michelle Whitney
Featured Chorus - Sebastian Valentine
Featured Chorus - Alice Wong
Featured Chorus - Ian Warner
Monostratos Guard on Roof - Kamran Bedi
Monostratos Guard on Roof - Gerrard Martin
Monostratos Guard on Roof - Davide Camorani
Monostratos Guard on Roof - Daniel Sharpe
Monostratos Guard on Roof - David A. John
Monostratos Guard on Roof - Ben Whitson
Christmas Truce Soldier - Darren James
Christmas Truce Soldier - Ben Timothy
Christmas Truce Soldier - Eliot James
Christmas Truce Soldier - Anthony Trahearn
Christmas Truce Soldier - Joseph Leigh
Christmas Truce Soldier - Craig Turbyfield
Christmas Truce Soldier - Craig McDermott
Christmas Truce Soldier - Quang Van
Christmas Truce Soldier - Darren Murphy
Christmas Truce Soldier - Brett Watkiss
Ballroom Dancer - Vicki Davids
Ballroom Dancer - Mathew Bower
Ballroom Dancer - Irina Aggrey
Ballroom Dancer - Mathew Graham
Ballroom Dancer - Georgina Hopkins
Ballroom Dancer - Barry Jung
Ballroom Dancer - Samantha Johanneson
Ballroom Dancer - Oliver Roll
Ballroom Dancer - Emily Piercy
Ballroom Dancer - Adam Tucker
Ballroom Dancer - Lucy Rose
Ballroom Dancer - Ewan Wardrop
Ballroom Dancer - Karen von Ross
Ballroom Dancer - Daniel Wright
Ballroom Dancer - Francisco Bosch
British Soldier - Lasco Atkins
Principal Ensemble - Matthew Bancroft
Lost Soldier - Stewart Brown
Aerialist - Chloé Bruce
British Soldier - Michael Burhan
Private - James Fiddy
Soldier - Chris Hembury
Opera Member - Michael Sercerchi
Soldier - Jon Shannon
Soldier - Adriano Valente
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