The Man Who Wasn't There

The Man Who Wasn't There poster
1949, Santa Rosa, California. A laconic, chain-smoking barber with fallen arches tells a story of a man trying to escape a humdrum life. It's a tale of suspected adultery, blackmail, foul play, death, Sacramento city slickers, racial slurs, invented war heroics, shaved legs, a gamine piano player, aliens, and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Ed Crane cuts hair in his in-law's shop; his wife drinks and may be having an affair with her boss, Big Dave, who has $10,000 to invest in a second department store. Ed gets wind of a chance to make money in dry cleaning. Blackmail and investment are his opportunity to be more than a man no one notices. Settle in the chair and listen.

Director: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Writer: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen
Production: USA Films
Genre: crime, drama
Year: 2001
MetaScore: 73/100
ImdbRating: 7.5
BoxOffice: $7,408,031
Released: 16 Nov 2001
Awards: Nominated for 1 Oscar. Another 24 wins & 41 nominations.

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Movie Cast

Doris Crane - Frances McDormand
Big Dave Brewster - James Gandolfini
Ann Nirdlinger Brewster - Katherine Borowitz
Creighton Tolliver - Jon Polito
Birdy Abundas - Scarlett Johansson
Walter Abundas - Richard Jenkins
Freddy Riedenschneider - Tony Shalhoub
Officer Persky - Christopher Kriesa
Officer Krebs - Brian Haley
P.I. Burns - Jack McGee
New Man - Gregg Binkley
Dr. Diedrickson - Alan Fudge
Jacques Carcanogues - Adam Alexi-Malle
Bingo Caller - Ted Rooney
Party Man - Abraham Benrubi
Costanza - Rhoda Gemignani
Customer - E.J. Callahan
Sobbing Prisoner - Brooke Smith
Banker - Ron Ross
Waitress - Hallie Singleton
Gatto Eater - Jon Donnelly
Bailiff - Dan Martin
Judge #1 - Tom Dahlgren
Judge #2 - Booth Colman
New Man's Customer (as Stanley Desantis) - Stanley DeSantis
Bartender - Peter Siragusa
Macadam Salesman - Christopher McDonald
District Attorney - Rick Scarry
Lloyd Garroway - George Ives
Swimming Boy (as Devin Cole Borisoff) - Devon Cole Borisoff
Prisoner Visitor - Mary Bogue
Pie Contest Timer - Don Donati
Flophouse Clerk - Arthur Reeves
Dancer (as Michelle Rae Weber) - Michelle Weber
Dancer (as Randi Pareira) - Randi Cee
Dancer - Robert Loftin
Dancer - Gordon Hart
Dancer - Lloyd Gordon
Dancer - Rita Bland
Dancer (as Audrey Baranishyn) - Audrey K. Baranishyn
Dancer - Qyn Hughes
Jail Guy - Craig Berenson
Prison Matron - Joan Blair
Courtroom Attendee - Greg Bronson
Alpine Rope Toss Man - Geoffrey Gould
Man in Courtroom - Paul G. Gray
Man in Courtroom - Phil Hawn
Swing Dancer - Cherilyn Hayres
Emergency Room Physician - John Michael Higgins
Woman at Piano Recital - Janis Jones
Female inmate - Jennifer Jason Leigh
Truck Driver - Peter Schrum
Witness - Max Thayer